Training: Becoming a Better Triathlete

Consistency and Repetition are the big secrets to all the top triathletes out there. If you were looking for a magic formula or a short cut to success I’m afraid to tell you there is none. But that’s what I like about our sport – it embodies and rewards the good old fashioned...
Posted On Jun 21 2019

Avoiding Mistakes on Race Day

By Getting to race day fit and ready to race is a hard task and a challenge to every athlete and coach. I would say as a coach those final 2 weeks before a race are the most stressful of an entire program, not so much in terms of the physical preparation and...
Posted On Jun 14 2019

Training – Executing the Race Plan

By Ironguides looks at some crucial elements of triathlon preparation that will ensure you get to enjoy your fitness in a goal race. – At the very heart of race season, we are looking to be in the best shape possible for our goal races; the training has been...
Posted On Jun 07 2019

Training : Nailing Race Day Nutrition

ironguides coach Alun ‘Woody’ Woodward looks into the importance, and ways, of getting your race day nutrition right. Race performance is not only about the fitness you have gained through training but it is also about nutrition on the day. Nutrition plays a significant role—get...
Posted On Jun 06 2019

Building Ironman Endurance

Finally after months of preparation the big ironman events of the summer are looming and its time for that final event preparation. Assuming you have followed your plan and trained consistently over the last few months you will be ready for the final endurance boost to take you...

Training : 10 Basic Tips for Ironman Nutrition

Keep it simple is the name of the game when it comes to Ironman Race Day Nutrition. Here’s how, in 10 easy steps. Here’s ten ways you can plan on optimizing your Ironman day — after all, as we tell our clients, Nutrition Trumps Training. To lock in a great return on all the time...
Posted On May 23 2019

An Introduction to Power Meter

By Do you have a power meter but isn’t quite sure on the best way to use it? Are you considering buying a power meter? Are you getting burn out from all the data oriented training your training have became since you started using the power meter? If you...
Posted On May 17 2019

Ironman Training – Time to review and listen to your body

Alun “Woody” Woodward, Coach,  As season openers are well under way its a great time to take a step back and review where you are with your training. We all get over excited with the start of the new year and push harder in training with the prospect of racing again...

How to Step Up to Ironman Racing

by Coach Alun Woodward Making the move from olympic distance or 70.3 up to Ironman can be daunting as the step is not small – its a giant leap in terms of race duration and endurance capacity, i would almost go so far as to say ironman is a completely different sport to any...
Posted On Apr 05 2019

The Benefits of the Treadmill

By Vinnie Santana, online Coach, The Benefits of the Treadmill The treadmill is a very misunderstood part of the arsenal of tools available to a triathlete. Using the treadmill, you can get a better return on your training time if you learn to use it in the right...
Posted On Mar 22 2019