Training: Consistency is the Key

By Vinnie Santana, coach, Most age group triathletes, can only afford to train within two training windows during the day. The typical routine of an amateur triathlete is a balance in between family, work and training, and the sessions are done mostly before or...
Posted On Oct 11 2019

How to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona

By  The qualification for next year’s race is already in place but you can still put in place your plan of attack and try to make it to the start line. To make the most of your abilities, giving yourself the best chance to secure that Kona slot, you need to...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Half-Ironman Tapering

At this stage of preparation, with the months of hard work behind you and a mere 2 weeks until the big day, you should be at your fittest. You’ve done the late night track sessions, given up a social life for 5am bike rides, and rushed to the pool after work to get a swim in....
Posted On Oct 04 2019

Top 7 Mistakes Age Groupers Make in Ironman Marathon

Here at ironguides, we are often approached for help in improving their ironman marathon time.  Some of the stories we have received are along these contexts: I have a very decent stand-alone marathon time, why can’t I translate that success when it comes to iron-distance events?...
Posted On Sep 27 2019

How to transition to 2 Workouts a Day Many top age groupers train twice a day as this is a logical and practical way to increase their training load while still putting in a full day in the office. Adding double session days into your weekly schedule is a great way preparing for that special goal ’ A’...

Training: Stroke Rate – Cadence – Stride Frequency

By Alun Woodward, coach,  One of the 5 systems we look to train when designing a program is called neuromuscular, this term simply means the link between brain and muscle. When we see a regular program we might expect to see sessions set to heart rate or effort levels and even...
Posted On Sep 16 2019

Ideal Load for Triathlon Training

Tom Topham, triathlon coach at Thanyapura, shares and disscuss ideal load for triathlon training. For more information about Thanyapura online triathlon coaching: Follow usShare this article
Posted On Sep 13 2019

Increase your chances at a Kona slot

Every year a few weeks ahead of Kona all triathletes start to get excited about the big show, wondering if one day they could be a part of the Ironman World Championships as a competitor themselves. Having done the race when I was a professional triathlete and having worked with...
Posted On Sep 06 2019

Training Article: “ALL OUT” means “ALL OUT”

By Shem Leong, Triathlon Coach in Singapore,  “ALL OUT” means (slightly more) “ALL OUT” I recently had my eyes opened by Matt Fitzgerald’s article in Inside Triathlon- “You are a Quitter”. He references Marcora’s ground-breaking study that suggests that our decision to pull the...

Training – Performing on Race Day

By ironguides  looks at some crucial elements of triathlon preparation that will ensure you get to enjoy your fitness in a goal race. – At the very heart of race season, we are looking to be in the best shape possible for our goal races; the training has been...

5 Steps for a Faster Duathlon

By Ivan Vlasenko, triathlon coach at ironguides Duathlon (run-bike-run) is another great endurance sport similar to triathlon but instead of the swim start you have to run for the first leg. Older beginners usually start with duathlon as their first multisport discipline.  Some...
Posted On Aug 26 2019

7 Tips for a Better Iron-Distance Taper

When triathletes reach the taper period of their training plan, their eyes light up as finally, the days of long and hard workouts are behind them.   But ask any triathlete about their plan, most of them will have that deer caught in the headlights look. Am I resting enough?  Or...
Posted On Aug 23 2019