How to Restart Training after Illness or Missed Workouts

Following a training program on the spot or 100 percent according to plan rarely happens, especially in triathlon where you train for three disciplines. As an age grouper, the juggle to balance training, work, family time and all sorts of errands and duties is always the biggest...
Posted On Aug 16 2019

Kaboom! How to Avoid Bonking on the ride

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, coach,  You’re flying along enjoying your first Ironman then you hit 120km and KABOOM!! How many athletes experience this at 120km in an Ironman ride, it’s amazing how often this happens and athletes have a very logical but false impression...
Posted On Aug 15 2019

1 Key to a Better Ironman Run

The big news out of the 2017 Kona Ironman World Championship was how male elite champion Patrick Lange of Germany ran through the field and win the title in a record breaking time of 8:01:40.  Lange came out of T2 10 minutes and 23 seconds off the lead and at 11th place.  When...
Posted On Aug 12 2019

Training: Sick? Don’t Panic – Here’s a Cure

Training hard, your chances of getting sick are relatively high. ironguides Coach Alun “Woody” Woodward has the cure that will help get you back on your feet as fit and fast as possible. Sickness seems to be hitting plenty of athletes right now with the very changeable weather...
Posted On Aug 09 2019

Training: Run Technique Hacks

By Alun “Woody” Woodward  Training to perform is hard enough without poor technique getting in the way, poor technique costs us in efficiency  of movement but also costs us with increased injury risk. By working to improve technique we can gain time in our races and also make our...
Posted On Aug 08 2019

Strength Training and Ironman Performance

Strength training is a hot topic right now, check out the Instagram profiles of the top pro’s and you will see they are regularly hitting the gym in a quest to improve their performance. What i see a lot of though is acrobatic movements rather than real strength training, it...
Posted On Aug 05 2019

Training : How and Why to Train Through Races, Instead of Tapering

As we head full on into race season, tapering is the topic on everyone’s mind. Should we taper for every race, how do we recover from the race, and how do we get back to productive training as soon as possible. The process of tapering I have talked about in previous articles....
Posted On Aug 02 2019

Ironman Performance – What to do when Training Plateaus

by  coach Alun Woodward The human body is amazingly adaptable and we can accomplish amazing feats through training and specific preparation, we read time and time again about the stories of sedentary individuals suddenly taking up exercise and within a short period of time...
Posted On Jul 29 2019

5 Ways to Recover Faster after Hard Training

This article is for the newer triathlete who has got bitten by the bug and is starting to train every day. As your training volume increases to 8 – 10 hours or more a week, and you are getting familiar with mixing up your perceived effort levels, the issue of recovery becomes...
Posted On Jul 26 2019

The 1-Day Race Simulation to Get You Ready for your Ironman

If you are training for an ironman, it’s very likely you are following a training plan that calls for a weekly long swim, long bike and long run, these are on separate days and the idea behind breaking the work down, you can train fresher, with better technique, faster, and...
Posted On Jul 22 2019

Rest Days: Learning to Listening to your Body

Time for the next session—but you’re tired and unmotivated to head out of the door. You’re not sure if the fatigue comes from having had a stressful week at work, or if you went a bit too hard at those weekend sessions. You are a dedicated athlete who feels very guilty whenever...
Posted On Jul 19 2019

Get Free Speed in an Aerodynamic Bike Set-up

By Vinnie Santana, coach at Specialized bicycles have just recently built their own wind runnel to have unlimited access to testing their equipment and build the most aerodynamic bikes, helmets and accessories to their athletes and costumers. This was a great move...
Posted On Jul 15 2019