Changing Things Up approaching Off-Season

By Alun Woodward – online coach – UK We are heading to the off-season now with no more races remaining for most athletes. This is a hard time of year to maintain hard training as both the body and brain are fatigued not only from training but the extra demands that come with...
Posted On Dec 06 2019

Off-Season: Races are over, now what?

Your last race of the season is behind you and it is time to take that well deserved break. However you know how much work you put in to get to where you are right now, and if you would like to preserve most of your new fitness level, you should stay active in the off-season...
Posted On Dec 03 2019

The Complete Off-Season Guide

Triathlon Coach Alun ‘Woody’ Woodward talks about the importance of taking the time to relax and recover during the off-season. His includes lots of food with sushi and pig trotters stew high on the list this year.   – This time of year is all about change....

5 Tips for Open Water Swim Newbies

Bang!   The gunstart goes off and you rush to the open sea with hundred other triathletes in tow.   You had practiced your stroke countless times in the pool.   At least you knew you could swim.   The technique is there.   But 50 meters into the sea, you were swallowing water,...
Posted On Nov 26 2019

Training Zones: Effort or Numbers?

There is a hype around training tools that measure effort, be it in training or racing. But is this the best way to track and analyze your efforts? Age group athletes are bombarded from all angles with tools that measure data such as power meters, heart rate monitors and portable...
Posted On Nov 22 2019

Tips for a Better Off-Season

By Coach Alun Woodward At ironguides, our whole philosophy is based upon improving one step at a time or, as we like to call it, brick by brick. As coaches we are here to guide you in your fitness journey and take you to where you want to go. The first thing we need to know from...
Posted On Nov 19 2019

Training Article: Challenge Days Triathlon and especially ironman is a major challenge and its this challenge that draws us to the sport! At ironguides our training method is all about consistent training and building fitness with a brick by brick approach, however we have to remember the nature...
Posted On Nov 15 2019

6 Tips to Improve Your Run

By Rodrigo Tosta – coach Here are some tips that can be incorporated into your running workouts that can help you on race day: 1st – Try to use a good pair of shoes, because for us to run well, we need first of all, comfort and protection for our feet!...
Posted On Nov 08 2019

Ironman Performance – The mix and pacing in training

When asked what i notice as the biggest difference between pro and performance athletes and those who want to get to that level i will almost always pick out pacing and in particular the ability to train at varying paces when required. Our bodies are amazing machines and will...
Posted On Oct 25 2019

Training: The Ups and Downs of Ironman Training If you have ever trained or are in training for an Ironman, you will know that it is an experience like no other, especially if you are an ironguides coached athlete on a daily dose of The Method training programme. Whether you are an Ironman veteran signing up for...
Posted On Oct 23 2019

Training: Consistency is the Key

By Vinnie Santana, coach, Most age group triathletes, can only afford to train within two training windows during the day. The typical routine of an amateur triathlete is a balance in between family, work and training, and the sessions are done mostly before or...
Posted On Oct 11 2019

How to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona

By  The qualification for next year’s race is already in place but you can still put in place your plan of attack and try to make it to the start line. To make the most of your abilities, giving yourself the best chance to secure that Kona slot, you need to...