3 Most Important Bike Sessions in Triathlon

By Vinnie Santana, coach at After nearly two decades of being involved with triathlon, both as an amateur triathlete, professional triathlete and coach, I had the opportunity to train and learn from the best coaches and athletes in the world. Whenever I train with...
Posted On Feb 15 2019

6 Tips to Race Well Early in the Season

By Vinnie Santana, Coach, Taking a break at the holidays season and end of year is normal but this puts you in a very unique situation, you do want to race well early in the season, but feel a little out of shape from the lack of training and weight gain from the...
Posted On Feb 08 2019

10 Tips for a Better Marathon

by Shem Leong,  1. Taper – A well structured taper is essential to run a good one on race day. It gives your legs a chance to fully rest and “soak up” the many kilometres that have been put into them in training. It is NOT an excuse to do nothing and “Carbo- Load”- Please! There...
Posted On Jan 25 2019

Strength Training: Benefits for Endurance Athletes

By Alun Woodward, Online Triathlon Coach,  The topic of strength training in endurance sports is always a controversial one, with some coaches avoiding it at all costs and others praising it as the key to success.  Coach Alun “Woody” Woodward explains why and how...
Posted On Jan 18 2019

Starting the Season Right: Integrating Strength in Triathlon

By Alun Woodward,  online coach,  Many of you will have recently been enjoying an end of season break, be it a total rest from any endurance training or just a period of time with some unstructured training sessions. As we head towards the start of the season its a good time to...
Posted On Jan 11 2019

12 Weeks to Your First Triathlon

There are many ways to combine three sports and train for a triathlon. Whether this is your first race or you have already a few seasons under your belt, here’s a simple approach that will ensure you’re ship shape in twelve weeks, without resorting to expensive tools and leaving...
Posted On Jan 10 2019

Tips to Kickstart your 2019 Triathlon Season

The New Year and the Holidays had just passed and too much merry making has somewhat made you feel guilty about your current state of triathlon fitness. Don’t over-react and suddenly do a 120-15k brick on your first day out of the year.   What you will need to do is to sit down,...
Posted On Jan 09 2019

Training: Ditching the New Year Resolution

“It takes 21 days to build a habit…” – ironguides “Role of Healthy Living” Corporate Health Presentation Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.. The moment one definitely commits oneself,...

New Year Resolutions: Key to Success

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, Coach Another year has flown by—we are heading into the new year and all the challenges it will bring. Making New Year’s resolutions can be very rewarding and actually lead to significant change—however, for 99 percent of us it is just a thought...

Off-Season: Start with the Most Important Step

By Coach Alun Woodward At ironguides, our whole philosophy is based upon improving one step at a time or, as we like to call it, brick by brick. As coaches we are here to guide you in your fitness journey and take you to where you want to go. The first thing we need to know from...
Posted On Dec 21 2018

The Complete Off-Season Guide

Triathlon Coach Alun ‘Woody’ Woodward talks about the importance of taking the time to relax and recover during the off-season. His includes lots of food with sushi and pig trotters stew high on the list this year.   – This time of year is all about change....

Changing Things Up approaching Off-Season

By Alun Woodward – ironguides coach – UK We are heading to the off-season now with no more races remaining for most athletes. This is a hard time of year to maintain hard training as both the body and brain are fatigued not only from training but the extra demands that come with...
Posted On Dec 07 2018