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How to Step Up to Ironman Racing

by Coach Alun Woodward Making the move from olympic distance or 70.3 up to Ironman can be daunting as the step is not small – its a giant leap in terms of race duration and endurance capacity, i would almost go so far as to say ironman is a completely different sport to any...
Posted On Apr 05 2019

Training: 5 Most Common Mistakes on Race Month

By Coach Vinnie Santana There are so many ways to ruin a perfect performance on the weeks leading up to the race. Learn from others athlete’s mistakes, don’t repeat the same mistakes described below. 1) Tapering too early and too much: I’ve written in a past article, why marathon...
Posted On Mar 01 2019

10 Tips for a Better Marathon

by Shem Leong,  1. Taper – A well structured taper is essential to run a good one on race day. It gives your legs a chance to fully rest and “soak up” the many kilometres that have been put into them in training. It is NOT an excuse to do nothing and “Carbo- Load”- Please! There...
Posted On Jan 25 2019

Training: Technique Short Cuts

By Alun “Woody” Woodward  Training to perform is hard enough without poor technique getting in the way, poor technique costs us in efficiency  of movement but also costs us with increased injury risk. By working to improve technique we can gain time in our races and also make our...
Posted On Nov 23 2018

Race Day – Avoiding Mistakes

By Alun “Woody” Woodward Getting to race day fit and ready to race is a hard task and a challenge to every athlete and coach. I would say as a coach those final 2 weeks before a race are the most stressful of an entire program, not so much in terms of the physical preparation and...
Posted On Nov 09 2018

Zero to Ironman: Swim Technique, Strength on the Bike, Confidence on the Run

By Alun “Woody” Woodward,  Jumping in at the deep end, a common phrase that is being used more and more in the modern world, wether in your personal, business or sports life this phrase is being thrown around as the solution to stop all the thinking and procrastinating we all do...
Posted On Nov 02 2018

Ditching the Gadgets: Learning How to Train and Race by Feel

by Coach Alun “Woody”  Woodward – In October 2016, we watched Daniela Ryf winning Ironman Hawaii for the second time. Look closely at the below finish photo, can you spot something “unusual”?   What? She has no watch on? Yes, Daniela raced...
Posted On Oct 26 2018

Training: Becoming a Better Triathlete

Consistency and Repetition are the big secrets to all the top triathletes out there. If you were looking for a magic formula or a short cut to success I’m afraid to tell you there is none. But that’s what I like about our sport – it embodies and rewards the good old fashioned...
Posted On Oct 12 2018

Ironman Performance – Preparation Races and Training through a Race

By Alun Woodward, Online Triathlon Coach, Spring has most certainly arrived and those first races of the season are just around the corner. For most of you targeting a major ironman race you will be coming into the final 2-3 months of your program and endurance...

Training – Performing on Race Day

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, Coach, ironguides coach Alun ‘Woody’ Woodward looks at some crucial elements of triathlon preparation that will ensure you get to enjoy your fitness in a goal race. – At the very heart of race season, we are looking to be in the best...

Training Article: Challenge Days

Alun “Woody” Woodward, Coach, Triathlon and especially ironman is a major challenge and its this challenge that draws us to the sport! At ironguides our training method is all about consistent training and building fitness with a brick by brick...
Posted On Apr 06 2018