5 questions to Michael Raelert about his plans for 2016

A chat with the 2-time Ironman 70.3 World Champion after his win at Ironman 70.3 Miami:

AsiaTRI: Michael, you and your brother are have been on top for many years. How do you guys structure you training for being so consistent?

Michael Raelert: We actually do not anything much different than the other guys. However, a fundamental advantage is certainly that we undertake the most sessions together. While the others can push “only” in training camps each other, we have this plus in almost every session.

AsiaTRI: You are a very complete Triathlete swimming, riding and running among the best. Do you think that’s the way to go from now on? is there still room for uber bikes or only great runners?

Michael Raelert: I guess to be right at the front, you must be a complete athlete with no real weakness. For example, if we take a look at the so-called uber-bikers, you can see quite clearly that they’re well good swimmers and runners too.

©Wagner Araújo
©Wagner Araújo

AsiaTRI: You tried to step up to Ironman and had some injury issues. Are you trying it in 2016? What are the plans for next year?

Michael Raelert: Sure. The big dream is to put the name Raelert on the winners’ list at the World Championships in Hawaii. That is also the foregone goal for Andy and me. I hope that in 2016 we have fewer problems in the preparation and can completely focus on this goal.

AsiaTRI: We have more and more ITU athletes racing long now and we’ll have even more after Rio 2016 Olympics. In your opinion, how are they changing the long course races?

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Michael Raelert: I believe that level in the long distance triathlon is already extremely high. And it will probably happen such as after the recent Games, that there will be one or another athlete provides even more competition.

AsiaTRI: Talking about the 70.3 Miami, what are your impressions about the race and the people there?

Michael Raelert: The race, the organization and the community are just great. I could now start for the second time, was again resumed warmly and feel even a bit at home. The atmosphere here is just great.

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