The Benefits of the Treadmill

By Vinnie Santana, online Coach, The Benefits of the Treadmill The treadmill is a very misunderstood part of the arsenal of tools available to a triathlete. Using the treadmill, you can get a better return on your training time if you learn to use it in the right...
Posted On Mar 22 2019

Ironman Swim Training: Keeping up with the Fast Swimmers

When we look at the pro side of our sport over the last 10 years one point jumps out, you simply can’t afford to have a weakness anymore and that point plays particular focus to the swim. In the past there were iconic athletes who always struggled in the swim but were able to use...
Posted On Mar 15 2019

How To Fix Noisy Brakes | Road Bike Maintenance

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Posted On Mar 05 2019

Training: 5 Most Common Mistakes on Race Month

By Coach Vinnie Santana There are so many ways to ruin a perfect performance on the weeks leading up to the race. Learn from others athlete’s mistakes, don’t repeat the same mistakes described below. 1) Tapering too early and too much: I’ve written in a past article, why marathon...
Posted On Mar 01 2019

3 Most Important Bike Sessions in Triathlon

By Vinnie Santana, coach at After nearly two decades of being involved with triathlon, both as an amateur triathlete, professional triathlete and coach, I had the opportunity to train and learn from the best coaches and athletes in the world. Whenever I train with...
Posted On Feb 15 2019