Training: The Bike Ladder Workout

We start a series of training workouts contributed by local coaches.   We start with Coach Don Velasco, one of the more popular coaches/age group triathlete in the Philippines.-AT

I’m Don Velasco, a top Filipino age grouper. Prior to triathlon, I had zero background in sports or athletics. I didn’t know how to swim, ride a bike, or even run. Because of my strong desire to learn new things and to overcome challenges, I decided to give triathlon a shot. Triathlon captured my attention because I thought it was impossible for me to excel in such a sport.  Being a geek, my love of technology, data, and science gave me a huge advantage in terms of my progress. Apart from this, I always strove to find a better, more efficient or effective way of training. This fed my competitive spirit and appetite for success.

My personal record for the Olympic distance is 2:17, 4:39 for the half Ironman, and 11:09 for the full Ironman. My most memorable race is when I erased a 20min deficit out of T2 to bag 2nd place overall in the 2013 Edition of the White Rock Triathlon (a half Ironman distance event).

I became a coach because it allows me to combine my three passions: sports, science, and teaching. Having been a college professor early in my career, I was always keen on learning about new things and sharing my knowledge with the people around me. This made transitioning to coaching very easy; I enjoy helping people succeed in whatever endeavor they want to overcome.- Coach Don Velasco


This is a bike workout geared towards opening up your power range and your familiarity with force and cadence. It starts off with a steady warm up and gradually progresses in difficulty as the workout goes by.

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Warm up for 20mins. Do 3 sets of 30min intervals* followed by 5mins of recovery**. Cool down for 5 mins.
*Each set is broken down into the following: 15mins at Zone 2 (90rpm), 10mins at Zone 3 (70rpm), 5mins at Zone 4 (80rpm). Remember to maintain proper form and technique throughout the entire workout.
** push a light gear and focus on proper breathing.

The workout may seem easy at first but it becomes more difficult as you experience muscular and cardiovascular fatigue. Towards the end of the workout, your legs will be screaming but recovery will be relatively quick. You may opt to do a quick run after this but keep the effort low.


workout by Coach Don Velasco.  To know more you may reach him at his website

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