Workout for the Time-Crunched Triathlete: A Solid 1-Hour Tempo Bike Session

As your base fitness improves over the course of a training period, so does your ability to recover faster from Anaerobic Threshold workouts. If your training plan incorporates one bike tempo workout for the past four or six weeks, you might want to consider a harder, tougher...
Posted On Oct 05 2019

Training: Stroke Rate – Cadence – Stride Frequency

By Alun Woodward, coach,  One of the 5 systems we look to train when designing a program is called neuromuscular, this term simply means the link between brain and muscle. When we see a regular program we might expect to see sessions set to heart rate or effort levels and even...
Posted On Sep 16 2019

5 Steps for a Faster Duathlon

By Ivan Vlasenko, triathlon coach at ironguides Duathlon (run-bike-run) is another great endurance sport similar to triathlon but instead of the swim start you have to run for the first leg. Older beginners usually start with duathlon as their first multisport discipline.  Some...
Posted On Aug 26 2019

Workout for the Time-Crunched Triathlete: Faking the Long Run

by Coach Abe Tayag, ITU Level 1 Coach The Long Run is a staple in most of triathletes’ training plans.   It is the foundation of base training and is essential to those doing middle to long distance races.  The extended effort develops everything from increasing endurance...
Posted On Jun 14 2019

Coach’s Corner: How to Train for a Duathlon

Duathlon is usually the easiest step to gain entry to the multi sport lifestyle.   If you cannot swim yet, dislike it or simply lack time to train for three sports, then training for a duathlon will be a good thing for you. While sticking to duathlon seems quite easy to do,...

Coach’s corner: Meet Vicent Beltran of Team Bahrain

Vicent Beltran, originally from Spain, has made the Middle East his home since 2012. He was ahead of the Kwait National Triathlon team for years and that journey ended after a successful campaign at the Asian Games in Incheon (Korea) in 2014.  He has now been announced as the...

Triathlon Club Profile: Inner Fight from Dubai

Inner Fight, a Dubai based triathlon club and fitness center is innovating the triathlon club industry in the Middle East with a combination of endurance training with their strength & conditioning studio. They have created their own endurance programmes such as the...

Coach’s corner: Mathieu O’Halloran

Alaska Tri Aspire's head coach talks to AsiaTRI
Posted On Sep 23 2014