Introducing supertri: Inspiring The Competitor In Everyone

LONDON, UK: supertri is the new name and vision for Super League Triathlon and commits to ‘Inspire The Competitor In Everyone.’

supertri gives the company its first refresh since launching in 2017 and brings its professional closed league and Esports pillars into one future-facing platform with mass participation races set to receive their own brand identity.

The refresh is driven by the organic growth of the company, which started with a vision to make professional triathlon entertaining and has developed to a wider mission of inspiration. supertri will continue to deliver both entertainment and inspiration across all it does by formalising the values which have driven its success so far and living by these guiding principles.

The refresh will also touch the various pillars of the business. All professional racing falls under the supertri banner with a focus on the fastest, most tactical, technical, entertaining and innovative triathlon formats on the planet, which have brought new audiences to the sport.

supertri is the new name for the Championship Series, the innovative and entertaining professional closed league formats that changed the sport, delivering high-octane racing featuring the world’s best athletes competing in teams on stadium-like courses.

supertri E replaces Arena Games, and is one of sport’s most innovative and award winning formats. supertri E blends real life and virtual racing and featured at the IOC’s Olympic Esports Week. Its globally broadcast professional supertri E World Triathlon Championship event, in partnership with World Triathlon, crowns official World Champions.

A separate brand identity will set the tone for mass participation, which offers the continuity of individual event brands but with common visual identity, putting at its heart supertri’s belief that participation celebrates triathlon for all, whether first timer, relay participant or experienced age grouper. Mass participation events will be driven by the same guiding principles of delivering excellence and creating moments. These will be initially delivered across Chicago Triathlon, the biggest triathlon in North America, Legacy Long Beach Triathlon on the course of the 2028 LA Olympics and the New York City Triathlon. The company is also committed to exploring further opportunities to expand this series.

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Michael D’hulst, supertri Co-Founder and CEO, said: “It is a very exciting day as we unveil our new supertri brand to the world. We have grown incredibly fast since our first test event in Hamilton Island in 2017, holding 30 events all delivering exciting, entertaining and inspiring action, and now is the right time to look to the next stage of our development.

“We have proven ourselves to be the leaders in delivering entertainment and inspiration in triathlon and are very proud of the pillars we have developed in our brand, and our vision: ‘To Inspire The Competitor In Everyone.’ That very much speaks to my own journey into the sport and is the approach for what we do and who we are. We inspire and entertain, whether you are a professional athlete, a participant or potential participant, or just a fan who watches our broadcasts and wants to support an athlete or a team.

“In addition, we have committed to our overarching brand values which will define every decision we make in the future. For us, this is less about a name and a logo, and instead our whole ethos and our future, and I am really excited about the next chapter of supertri.

“Beyond that we are solidifying our commitment to mass participation with three unique events under our umbrella and we are committed to growing that to become a global series, putting us in a unique position of a complete offering of triathlon for all; the fastest and most tactical triathlon with supertri, the Esport of triathlon with supertri E and a series of iconic mass participation events. One organisation covering the entire sport.”

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Leonid Boguslavsky, supertri President and Co-Founder, said: “The growth of supertri and everything it has done for our sport has been one of the great joys and achievements of my life. We have redefined triathlon and how the world sees our sport, breaking free from preconceptions of eight hour races and staid formats and promoting values of health and wellness.

“We cannot stand still and applaud ourselves. We are ambitious and want to achieve much more. I fully believe the supertri brand and the scope it gives for growth, and the values we will define ourselves by, allow us the perfect framework to change the world through the greatness of sport.”

Fast facts:

  • supertri has held 30 professional events across five seasons since 2017

  • supertri E has won multiple awards, and a partnership with World Triathlon crowns official Esports triathlon world champions

  • The mass participation events have already raised millions of dollars for charity and there are further fundraising announcements to come shortly

  • supertri has the most engaged audience in triathlon and continues to grow rapidly year-on-year with more than 55 million broadcast views and 250 million digital video views in 2023

  • supertri is the number one content provider among triathlon rights holders on YouTube measured by overall viewership, has the largest triathlon TikTok channel with 50m views and 5x growth in Instagram followers and 543% rise in video views since 2020

supertri today also launches a new website to accompany its new brand. Visit supertri.com

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