Confirmed: Ironman to have Split Venues for 2023 Ironman World Championships

Ironman has officially confirmed that they will have two venues, and will split the men’s and women’s race for the 2023 World Championships.   The rumors have been lingering on for two weeks now, and the leaks by close reliable sources yesterday confirmed that a 2-day race in Kona is no longer possible.   The races were recently scheduled on October 12 and 14, but a lingering and eroding community support in Kona means that a compromise must be done to accommodate separate races for men and women.

The recent 2-day racing in Kona last October, done on a Thursday and a Saturday were successful in terms of race experience, media mileage, as well as exclusive coverage for two exciting world class racing, but the huge downside was the tremendous impact on the town of Kona.   Traffic and the lack of volunteers means the race has become too huge for a 5,000 participant race spread in 2 days.

Hawai`i is the proud birthplace of IRONMAN and despite not being able to undertake a two-day world championship event at this time, it will continue to be an important part in the shared history of IRONMAN, with Kona continuing as a co-host of the IRONMAN World Championship.

“Hawai`i County has long enjoyed partnering with IRONMAN and this year’s epic races were another example of world-class athletic competition held on the traditional Kona-Kohala world championship course,” said Hawai`i County Mayor Mitch Roth. We learned, however, that more than one race day during IRONMAN week is too many for the community to manage. We are pleased that IRONMAN plans to return to Kailua-Kona as a co-host of the 2023 VinFast IRONMAN World Championship and look forward to more exciting events in the future.”

The 2023 Ironman World Championships will still be held in Kona on October 14th, but will feature only the women’s race.   The Men’s race and the venue will be officially announced on January.  In 2024, male qualifiers will race in Kona, and the women on the yet to be announced venue and time.   Men who have already qualified on the 2023 Kona race before this announcement will have an option to defer to the 2024 race.

“We are reinforcing our commitment for a dedicated world championship race experience for women and men to each receive an exclusive spotlight on their race. Hawai`i is in our DNA and we look forward to the first-ever exclusively women’s world championship race week in Kona. At the same time, we are looking forward to announcing a co-host location for the men’s race that will be worthy of an IRONMAN World Championship and will capture the imagination of our athletes and fans,” said Andrew Messick, President & Chief Executive Officer for The IRONMAN Group.

News broke out that Nice, France will be the venue of the 2023 men’s race, but this was not officially confirmed and Ironman had not commented on it.

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