Super League’s ESports Debut: In Numbers

Super League made its esports debut in the Zwift Classics series and it made for fascinating viewing.

Marten Van Riel posted a best placed finish, coming home in 11th in the London International.

But behind the racing performances are some fascinating stats which we have delved into.

Marten Van Riel
Finishing position: 11
Finishing time: 33:21
Average watts: 353
Watts per kg: 5.4
Average heart rate (BPM): 146

Alistair Brownlee
Finishing position: 34
Finishing time: 33:41
Average watts: 382
Watts per kg: 5.4
Average heart rate (BPM): Unknown

Vincent Luis
Finishing position: 58
Finishing time: 35:08
Average watts: 352
Watts per kg: 5.2
Average heart rate (BPM): 179

Ben Kanute
Finishing position: 71
Finishing time: 35:36
Average watts: 352
Watts per kg: 5.1
Average heart rate (BPM): 170

Hayden Wilde
Finishing position: 80
Finishing time: 36:02
Average watts: 308
Watts per kg: 4.8
Average heart rate (BPM): 168

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