Formosa Xtreme Triathlon – The FIRST extreme triathlon in Taiwan

Taiwan has been called “Formosa” in the past and it means “Beautiful Isle” from Portuguese. Taitung is named as “Taiwan’s Last Paradise”, it still keep the most original scenery where have so many triathlon and marathon races took place.

Since there are 12 XTRI races in the world, but still do not have any extreme triathlon races in Asia-Pacific thus 2019. Taiwan triathlon organization, WayPoint aim to make everyone will know about Taiwan and try to break the barriers and made the first step in 2020.

The event team had considered every single details and explored different routes to keep it safe and good to go. It almost took 4 years start from zero for seeking a chance to hold the first extreme triathlon. The first Asia extreme triathlon “Formosa Xtreme Triathlon” will start on 27th November, 2020 in Taitung, Taiwan. Also, Formosa Xtreme Triathlon will be the 13th XRI race.

Participants need to swim under New Changhong Bridge where the longest river in eastern Taiwan. Ride up to the mountain to Mount Hehuan. This is the next huge challenge that the cycling route takes as same as The Taiwan King Of Mountain Challenge, represent one of the most unforgiving and brutal hill climb cycling route in the world. The route passes through the popular scenic area known as Taroko Gorge, an immense rocky chasm with vertical cliffs, innumerable tunnels, raging torrents below. Finally, finish a marathon distance mixed terrain through Taiwan top mountains to the Mount Wuling toward the finishing line. The total elevation gain will almost 7,000m.

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This unique experience, incredible scenery with spectacular course is only in Formosa Xtreme Triathlon. It will be the most amazing extreme triathlon race in Asia.

Race name: Formosa Xtreme Triathlon

Race date: 27th November, 2020

Location: Taitung, Taiwan

Official website: https://www.formosaxtri.com/

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