Protect your Head: The Reason to Avoid Counterfeit Helmets

The business of health and wellness and that includes lifestyle sports like triathlon and cycling have grown considerably over the past years.   That growth means counterfeiters have also found a way to ride in the success by also manufacturing gears that are just not up to par with their genuine counterparts.

One of the most counterfeited item is bike helmets.  Be very elaborate when choosing your helmet, especially when buying online.  What seems like a good deal, a good value, and what looked like the same good quality from the same brand may not be what it seems from the inside.

It is just not smart to skimp on what you put on head, when you have the funds to buy an expensive bike and sign up to  races every month or so.  Be discerning when buying online and it would be better if you buy from direct authorized dealers of genuine helmet brands.  Counterfeit helmets pose serious health and safety risks.  So buy and wear the real one.

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