Bozzone’s Record-Breaking Day at Busselton

Finally the Ironman 70.3  world champion Terenzo Bozzone of New Zealnd managed to win his first Ironman. Once considered as one of the most talented triathletes of all time, at all distances (he was also an ITU junior world champion, inclusive), Terenzo began his career at Ironman in 2009.  Since then there have been many injuries, bad breaks and a few podiums, but never won the whole thing. This year, Terenzo also dropped out of the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.


Last Sunday, he managed not only his first win, but the new Ironman Western Australia record in Busselton, and an impressive record: 7:51:25. He swam the 3,800m at 00:46:23 (1’12 “/ 100m); Pedaled the 180km at 4:10:49 (43km / h); And ran the 42,195m of the marathon at 2:50:38 (4’03 “/ km). His time was 4’32 “faster than Luke McKenzie’s previous record in 2015. The runner-up Andy Potts (USA) also beat the old record by 46 seconds.


And the day was fast even in the land of the kangaroo. Running home, Melissa Hauschildt, who also dropped out in Hawaii, set the new record for the race: 8:54:39, 1’54 “faster than Britta Martin’s old record in 2014. She swam at 00:54 : 29, pedaled in 04:48:46 and recorded a 03:06:39 in the marathon. Maureen Hufe (GER) was second, followed by 2015 champion Sarah Piampiano (USA), the best runner of the day with 3:15:13

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