Thanyapura Pro Triathlon Team Gearing Up for the Phuket Races

As the triathlon season winds down, the Thanyapura triathlon team aims to finish 2016 in a high note as they approach a pair of races right in their training ground in Phuket.

Led by Kiwi Amelia Watkinson and Frenchman Antony Costes, the Thanyapura Pro triathlon team has been hugely successful this year, especially in the southeast Asian tri racing circuit.

Since moving to Phuket to train in Thanyapura early in the year, Watkinson, now the Queen of Asian triathlon, has racked up wins as she has finished 1st in eight of her last nine starts.  Her wins since May include Pattaya Triathlon (OD), 5150 Subic, IM 70.3 Busan, Challenge Iskander-Puteri, ITU Long Course China, Challenge Jeju, Challenge Kanchanaburi and recently, a win in 5150 Bohol in Philippines just over a week ago.

Moving out of New Zealand, and to train as a full-time pro triathlete for Thanyapura in mid-May was one of the best decision Watkinson has made.  She knew it was a smart move for her to get out of her comfort zone.

“Since joining the Thanyapura Pro Triathlon team, I have been a lot more disciplined in my training and lifestyle, and the heat as well has really helped me in acclimating with the hotter races in Asia” Watkinson added in her post-race interview in Bohol.

She’s excited to race four more “home races” to end her 2016 season, the two Phuket races and two more in New Zealand.  She will be back in Asia next year but is also aiming to qualify for world championship races to test stronger competition.

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Antony Costes has also grabbed a pair of wins in Ironman Gurye 70.3 in Korea and Challenge Kanchanaburi in Thailand.  After his win in Challenge Kanchanaburi, he relishes the fact that he overcame the hilly bike course because training in Phuket has prepared him well in hilly courses.

“Good thing about training in Phuket, you get some short but steep climbs, and there’s one near Thanyapura that I use a lot, and I do repeats something like 20 times, near 12% gradient for 200-250 meters, so yeah, it’s very good for courses like this.”  Costes added right after winning Challenge Kanchanaburi.

The duo is now prepping hard for the back to back races in Phuket, Laguna Phuket Triathlon and Ironman 70.3 Thailand.  With those races right under their home training ground, Antony andAmelia are definitely the early favorites to take the titles.

Thanyapura has been one of the favorite training destinations of world-class athletes.  Just recently, Ironman Langkawi winners Diana Riesler and Fredrik Croneberg held their training camps in Thanyapura to train for the Langkawi race.

As proof of its capacity to cater to athletes’ needs, Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort was presented the Bronze Award from SPIA Asia – Sports Industry Awards & Conference 2016 in the category “Best Hospitality, Recreation or Leisure Offering in Sports of the Year”.

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort is a health, fitness, sports and educational haven on the island of Phuket, Thailand. The resort features the best sports facilities and coaching expertise in Asia.

For more information: visit the Thanyapura website.

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