Custom Bikes to be Showcased in the Rio Olympic Games

With the arrival of the Olympic Games,  prestigious bike brands are preparing to present specially customized bike equipment for Rio. It is after all, the biggest sporting event in the globe.

The International Olympic Committee is extremely restrictive to the use of trademarks by athletes, but the bikes are one of the few items that sponsors can show their brand and logo and thus they tend to push the boundaries when it comes to aesthetic design and equipment technology.

Some brands and teams are already announcing their models for the Olympic race.  Cervélo presented the T5GB, a unique model for the prestigious British track team in Rio. This is the top of the line track bike from Cervelo:


Scott Bikes also have custom colors for their Road bike (including triathlon) and Time Trial versions, which will also be offered to the public.  Fifty units of Scott Foil Rio Special Edition will be offered to the public beginning September:

Foil-Rio-Edition-A-768x663 Plasma-RioA-black-768x629



Soon we will have more releases about the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.  Stay tuned for our special page of the Olympic coverage.

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