Asian Triathlon Confederation development camp in Thailand

With exclusive support from Thailand Triathlon Association, the ASTC development camp was recently held in Bangkok, Thailand.

ITU facilitator Peter Clifford led the six-day camp based in Bangkok, Thailand with a total of eight athletes, including five Team ASTC athletes and three female athletes, as well as four national team coaches from Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and Thailand.


The aim of the camp is to prepare athletes from South East Asian countries for the upcoming South Asian Games in Singapore next month, as well as for Asian Championships in Chinese Taipei. It also provides an opportunity to monitor the development of Team ASTC athletes and coaches that joined the ASTC mentorship project that was initiated last year.

“The six-day training camp was great,” said Edward Macalalad, who is a member of team ASTC from Philippines. “My coach, Anthony Lozada, came as well so we could reinforce what I learned when returning home. We could train in a group with the other Asian athletes. This mix and good training facilities we had during the camp made the training very good and we enjoyed the time in Thailand.”


“The quantity and quality of the athletes in this camp was a good level. The athletes trained very hard without any compromise and injury, and it was my great pleasure to work with Asian athletes and coaches,” Peter said.

“It was amazing how Coach Peter was able to create a laid back and stress free training environment. The athletes and their coaches could motivate, encourage and inspire each other to really work hard and maximize performance,” said Anthony Lozada, assistant facilitator.

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“ASTC Development Team Program (ADTP) was initiated two years ago to enhance the development of athletes and coaches for emerging countries in Asia. We have been getting good feedback from related athletes and coaches, not to mention from NFs. I personally believe that camp is the best tool to develop athletes and coaches at a time. We have been witnessing the changes of the daily training the camp brought to the participating athletes and coaches,” said Ki, ASTC Sport Development coordinator.

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