High performance profile: Fredrik Croneborg

Name: Fredrik Croneborg
Nationality: Swedish
Base: Phuket
Occupation: Sevaral occupations
Family Status: Single
Sponsors: Thanyapura, Cannasia, Sailfish,Bliz, Learnways, Swedish Smugglers, Champion Systems, Wheels in Asia

@personal archives
@personal archives

1. Can you tell us about your background in the sport?

Many different sports while I was growing up. When I was 17 I started training and racing triathlon and running more seriously.

2. Can you describe a typical training week?

About 15-20k of swimming. 70k Running. 500-600k biking.

3. What is your favorite race in Asia and why?

There is so many races in Asia to choose from so hard to say. I like to race in the Philippines because everything is very well done. I enjoy to race in Taiwan where I had some of my best results, also Thailand and especially in Phuket where im based.

@personal archives
@personal archives

4. What are your best results so far and what are the next goals for you?

2nd in Challenge Taiwan this year and 1st at Challenge Atlantic city this year and my win at 70.3 Taiwan last year.

5. Which is your favorite training session on each discipline and why?

I enjoy to do the long bike rides. Swimming I like hard set without much rest between the intervals, and what most people would considered boring such as 16x200m or similar. Running I don’t like any special set.

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