Triathlon Training: A Beginners Guide to Triathlon Run

By Shem Leong – Singapore triathlon coach  As triathlon is viewed largely as an endurance sport, many beginner triathletes like to cover the distance of the run portion of their triathlon at an easy steady pace. While there is definitely a place for the LSD ( Long Slow...

1 Key to a Better Ironman Run

The big news out of the 2017 Kona Ironman World Championship was how new male elite champion Patrick Lange of Germany ran through the field and win the title in a record breaking time of 8:01:40.  Lange came out of T2 10 minutes and 23 seconds off the lead and at 11th place. ...
Posted On Oct 24 2017

Speed: A Key Skill for Every Endurance Athlete

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, coach, Conventional wisdom and training practices have created a void between coaching of endurance sports and that of high-skill sports such as basketball and soccer. Are these sports really so different in their demands and...
Posted On Sep 29 2017

Drills to Improve Run Form and Speed

A video by Some dynamic drills that help improve speed, running form, and efficiency. These exercises should be done 2-3 times a week to stimulate the proper neuromuscular pathways that will help you coordinate your gait. The dynamic aspect of these...
Posted On Jun 22 2017

Ironman Malaysia recovery guidelines: Learn how to get back into training

By Vinnie Santana, triathlon coach, Whether you’ve just raced the full Ironman this past weekend or plan to race one soon, as soon as you cross the finish line of an Ironman, it is normal you will already start planning the next season and races you want...

Profile: As he approaches the age of 40, Andy Potts wins Ironman 70.3 Vineman on Sunday with a 1:12:13 half marathon split

One of the most successful triathletes at all distances in history, the American Andy Potts showed last weekend, he is far from retirement. As he approaches the age of 40 years, Potts posted a 1:12:13 in the half marathon to win the Ironman 70.2 Vineman. One of the best swimmers...