3 Key Bike Workouts in Building your Ironman Training Routine

If you have a mid-year Ironman race, there is no better time to start building your routine for the long Ironman training ahead. This is the base period, and if you are an intermediate athlete, and have not lost much fitness in the off-season, this phase will allow you to...
Posted On Apr 12 2019

How to Step Up to Ironman Racing

by Coach Alun Woodward Making the move from olympic distance or 70.3 up to Ironman can be daunting as the step is not small – its a giant leap in terms of race duration and endurance capacity, i would almost go so far as to say ironman is a completely different sport to any...
Posted On Apr 05 2019

Triathlon on a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet

By Vinnie Santana, head coach Nutrition has always had a special place for us at ironguides; it’s a way to improve our athletes’ performance and health. In addition to our training approach, The Method—which is based on hormonal balance—all our coaches had always...
Posted On Mar 29 2019

The Benefits of the Treadmill

By Vinnie Santana, online Coach, The Benefits of the Treadmill The treadmill is a very misunderstood part of the arsenal of tools available to a triathlete. Using the treadmill, you can get a better return on your training time if you learn to use it in the right...
Posted On Mar 22 2019

3 Most Important Bike Sessions in Triathlon

By Vinnie Santana, coach at After nearly two decades of being involved with triathlon, both as an amateur triathlete, professional triathlete and coach, I had the opportunity to train and learn from the best coaches and athletes in the world. Whenever I train with...
Posted On Feb 15 2019

Video: 5 Signs of Overtraining

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Posted On Feb 13 2019