Workout for the Time-Crunched Triathlete: Faking the Long Run

by Coach Abe Tayag, ITU Level 1 Coach The Long Run is a staple in most of triathletes’ training plans.   It is the foundation of base training and is essential to those doing middle to long distance races.  The extended effort develops everything from increasing endurance...
Posted On Jun 14 2019

Triathlon Training: Frequency & Length of Runs Off the Bike

Tom Topham, triathlon coach at Thanyapura, shares and disscuss frequency and length of runs off the bike in triathlon training. For more information about Thanyapura online triathlon coaching: Follow usShare this article
Posted On May 24 2019

Training: Speed – A Key Skill for Every Endurance Athlete

By Alun Woodward, Online Triathlon Coach,  Conventional wisdom and training practices have created a void between coaching of endurance sports and that of high-skill sports such as basketball and soccer. Are these sports really so different in their demands and as such should the...