Top 7 Mistakes Age Groupers Make in Ironman Marathon

Here at ironguides, we are often approached for help in improving their ironman marathon time.  Some of the stories we have received are along these contexts: I have a very decent stand-alone marathon time, why can’t I translate that success when it comes to iron-distance events?...
Posted On Sep 27 2019

Training: Stroke Rate – Cadence – Stride Frequency

By Alun Woodward, coach,  One of the 5 systems we look to train when designing a program is called neuromuscular, this term simply means the link between brain and muscle. When we see a regular program we might expect to see sessions set to heart rate or effort levels and even...
Posted On Sep 16 2019

6 Exercises To Run Faster!

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Posted On Sep 12 2019

Using Speed Training the Smart Way

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, It’s that all important and exciting time of the year again for all of us, the race season is well and truly done now and hopefully you have all had a period of rest and chilling out letting the body recover from the stresses of training and...
Posted On Aug 19 2019

1 Key to a Better Ironman Run

The big news out of the 2017 Kona Ironman World Championship was how male elite champion Patrick Lange of Germany ran through the field and win the title in a record breaking time of 8:01:40.  Lange came out of T2 10 minutes and 23 seconds off the lead and at 11th place.  When...
Posted On Aug 12 2019

Nailing the Bike-Run Workout: Brick Repeats

by Coach Jumbo Tayag, ITU Level 1 Coach When a coach orders a brick session to their athletes, they usually have two reactions:  A group who hates and loathes them, and another who swears by them, and they are the one to tell you how effective those sessions are.   Guess who will...
Posted On Jun 27 2019

Workout for the Time-Crunched Triathlete: Faking the Long Run

by Coach Abe Tayag, ITU Level 1 Coach The Long Run is a staple in most of triathletes’ training plans.   It is the foundation of base training and is essential to those doing middle to long distance races.  The extended effort develops everything from increasing endurance...
Posted On Jun 14 2019