Triathlon Training: Frequency & Length of Runs Off the Bike

Tom Topham, triathlon coach at Thanyapura, shares and disscuss frequency and length of runs off the bike in triathlon training. For more information about Thanyapura online triathlon coaching: Follow usShare this article
Posted On May 24 2019

Training : 10 Basic Tips for Ironman Nutrition

Keep it simple is the name of the game when it comes to Ironman Race Day Nutrition. Here’s how, in 10 easy steps. Here’s ten ways you can plan on optimizing your Ironman day — after all, as we tell our clients, Nutrition Trumps Training. To lock in a great return on all the time...
Posted On May 23 2019

An Introduction to Power Meter

By Do you have a power meter but isn’t quite sure on the best way to use it? Are you considering buying a power meter? Are you getting burn out from all the data oriented training your training have became since you started using the power meter? If you...
Posted On May 17 2019

How to Handle the Heat and Humidity in Triathlon

Learn and beat this threat in Triathlon races
Posted On May 15 2019

5 Tips for Open Water Swim Newbies

Bang!   The gunstart goes off and you rush to the open sea with hundred other triathletes in tow.   You had practiced your stroke countless times in the pool.   At least you knew you could swim.   The technique is there.   But 50 meters into the sea, you were swallowing water,...
Posted On May 10 2019