How to Detoxify after a Holiday Binge

Looking to lighten the load a bit after heavy eating during the Christmas Holidays? If so, ginger is key. The spicy root is said to fire up the body’s natural ability to detoxify by aiding in digestion, settling the stomach, and helping in the elimination of waste. Toss a...
Posted On Dec 28 2017

Nail your Raceday Nutrition!

By Alun Woodward – Race performance is not only about the fitness you have gained through training but it is also about nutrition on the day. Nutrition plays a significant role—get it wrong and all the fitness in the world won’t result in a good race....
Posted On Sep 22 2017

11 Timeless Weight-Loss Truths

Evergreen tips from ongoing research on staying fit, lean and active all year. by Nancy Clark The middle of winter, with rampant flu bugs and and darkness plaguing our days, is a good time to be reminded that exercise is the best medicine on the market. With two-thirds of...
Posted On Jun 15 2017

Electrolyte Replacement in Endurance Athletes

By Cintia Reis, nutritionist Athletes and fitness enthusiasts already know that good hydration is associated with a good sports performance and preventing possible physiological disorders.  The loss of electrolytes, known as minerals occur by excessive sweating in prolonged...
Posted On Aug 18 2016