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Terms and conditions

When you access asiatri.com, you agree with the below terms. If you do not agree to be legally covered by the below terms, please do not continue access of asiatri.com. We can edit these terms at any moment and we will announce the changes when possible. We ask you to visit our terms and conditions page frequently to review them. If you decide to keep your asiatri.com visitor status, you are legally agreeing to these terms and any possible change we may make.

Asiatri.com reserves the right to change, suspend or stop any service at any moment without warning to our readers or users. Asiatri.com may also limit the access of some content and restrict its access to part of our website without previous notice.

Comments on the website and Privacy Policy

Regarding the comments on the website, you agree with not posting anything aggressive, abusive, and vulgar or any other content that may break the terms and conditions of our hosting country or international practice. By posting this type of comment, you will be banned and your server will be notified. The IP of all comments are tracked to help us moderate these terms.

You agree that asiatri.com has the rights to remove, edit, move or close any thread, topic, article or blog post if we find appropriate. As a user, you agree with any information that will be added to our data base.


The content published at asiatri.com, cannot be replicated without written permission from asiatri.com – You are liable if you decide to take any advice or suggestion from our website.

The photos published at asiatri.com are for editorial purposes only, with no commercial attachment. You can share them with your social network and use it as your profile photo, as long as you maintain our credit and sponsor banner at the bottom of the photo. The photos published at our website cannot be used for any commercial or publishing purposes and cannot be published at any other media outlet, personal blogs and other websites, without our written permission.

We hold no liability for any activity including any purchasing on our sponsors websites or stores.

Our contributors are liable for their articles and do not necessarily express our opinion.

It is forbidden to replicate any of our content without written permission.

Several of the activities mentioned in our website are dangerous and risky. Do not try them if you are not able and without the correct equipment.

Prices published on our website based on store, distributors and internet research are subject to change without notice.

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