The Secret Training Plan

Rodrigo Tosta – Coach  Recently we had a new sign up for our monthly subscription training plan and on the same day, we received an email requesting a refund. The athlete said the reason was that he saw nothing special compared to previous training plans he had...
Posted On Mar 05 2015

Swim training tool: Ankle Bands

By Shem Leong, Coach, Pullbuoys feel great because they help you float nicely in the water. Paddles immediately let you know that you’re working harder and increase your distance per stroke. Everybody is happy to use these 2 tools because they enhance the...
Posted On Mar 03 2015

What should you think about before you sign up for your next or first Ironman?Part 2

By Vinnie Santana, Coach, Part 2 Training A very important point is considering the circumstances of your professional and personal life. The training for an Ironman, even at a moderate level, will take you much of your time and energy, so make sure your life is,...
Posted On Feb 27 2015

The Transition Hero

By Mathieu O’Hallaran, Throughout my career I noticed these particular characters at the races around the world – but after watching quite a few races this year from a coaching standpoint; I recognized humorous & similar traits that many...
Posted On Feb 24 2015

What should you think about before you sign up for your next or first Ironman?

By Vinnie Santana, Coach, Part 1 With the rapid growth of Triathlon, it is normal that the Ironman also has become a very popular distance. Moreover, what is happening are beginners in the sport are already doing the Ironman in their first year in the sport, and...
Posted On Feb 22 2015

Swim clinic – shoulders blowing up early into swims

By Alun “Woody” Woodward, Coach – A common problem among swimmers and triathletes is the sensation of shoulders blowing up very early on in races or hard session’s, this just leaves us feeling weak and uncoordinated for the remainder of the...
Posted On Feb 16 2015

6 Tips to Improve Your Run

By Rodrigo Tosta – coach Here are some tips that can be incorporated into your running workouts that can help you on race day: 1st – Try to use a good pair of shoes, because for us to run well, we need first of all, comfort and protection for our feet!...
Posted On Feb 14 2015

A Beginners Guide to Triathlon Run

By Shem Leong, Coach – As triathlon is viewed largely as an endurance sport, many beginner triathletes like to cover the distance of the run portion of their triathlon at an easy steady pace. While there is definitely a place for the LSD ( Long Slow Distance)...
Posted On Feb 10 2015

Train Efficiently: The benefits of a routine

By Vinnie Santana, coach, Most age group triathletes, can only afford to train within two training windows during the day. The typical routine of an amateur triathlete is a balance in between family, work and training, and the sessions are done mostly before or...
Posted On Feb 03 2015

3 Most Important Bike Sessions in Triathlon

By Vinnie Santana, coach at After nearly two decades of being involved with triathlon, both as an amateur triathlete, professional triathlete and coach, I had the opportunity to train and learn from the best coaches and athletes in the world. Whenever I train with...
Posted On Jan 30 2015

Training: Recovery 101

By Shem Leong, This article is for the newer triathlete who has got bitten by the bug and is starting to train every day. As your training volume increases to 8 – 10 hours or more a week, and you are getting familiar with mixing up your perceived effort levels, the...
Posted On Jan 27 2015

The Donkey vs The Stallion

Mathieu O’Halloran, Triathlon combines 3 sports that in essence have various distances in a distinct event. From sprints through middle distance and up to endurance, some athletes are inherently better for particular durations. From a very...
Posted On Jan 19 2015