Entries for Challenge Dubai are Open

Registration for Challenge Dubai to be held on February 27, 2015 is open for individuals and relay teams! This is the first race in the Challenge Triple Crown series, a series of three half-distance triathlons culminating with a grand final in Challenge Bahrain in December 2015...
Posted On Jan 09 2015

Five types of Volunteers You’re Likely to Find at a Triathlon

Coach Matt O’Halloran, Coach, Every triathlon event highly depends on the goodwill and free labor of volunteers. They start working long before the races begins and finish long after the race has ended. Over the past 15 years I have come...
Posted On Dec 15 2014

Recovery 101

Shem Leong, Coach, Singapore This article is for the newer triathlete who has got bitten by the bug and is starting to train every day. As your training volume increases to 8 – 10 hours or more a week, and you are getting familiar with mixing up your perceived...
Posted On Nov 07 2014

Off-season: Race is over, now what?

Vinnie Santana, Your last race of the season is behind you and it is time to take that well deserved break. However you know how much work you put in to get to where you are right now, and if you would like to preserve most of your new fitness level, you should...
Posted On Nov 06 2014

Triathlon: Journey not Destination

Alun “Woody” Woodward – coach – UK Triathlon and endurance sports in general are very goal orientated and as a result attract highly driven individuals looking towards a goal or new challenge. We often read about goal setting and having...
Posted On Nov 05 2014

Training for the athlete versus training for the distance

Matt O’Halloran, Coach, The more triathlon evolves, the wider the gap gets between training for the given distance and training for the particular athlete. A continuous and evolving need to quantify efforts, progress and work rates in numbers...
Posted On Oct 29 2014

Race Day – When Things Go Wrong

By Alun Woodward – coach – UK   We would all like to have everything go perfectly leading into a race but there are times when this simply does not happen and we need to have coping strategies in place.   Not all problems that arise mean you have to give...
Posted On Oct 25 2014

Rest Days and Focus: learn how to read your body and think about what you’re doing

Shem Leong – coach – Singapore This article is written for the obsessive competitive streak in all triathletes and runners. Every athlete putting in dedicated training to a well-thought-out plan will eventually approach their physical limits for that season of...
Posted On Oct 20 2014

Training article: Changing things up

By Alun Woodward – ironguides coach – UK We are heading to the end of the season now with only a few big races remaining for most athletes. This is a hard time of year to maintain hard training as both the body and brain are fatigued not only from training but the extra demands...
Posted On Oct 17 2014

The Complete Guide for Triathlon Running – How to Train and Race

Vinnie Santana – Head Coach – Bangkok The run leg of a triathlon is generally seen as a relationship of “love or hate” by athletes. For a large number of triathletes with a running background and some experience in the discipline, it can be...
Posted On Oct 15 2014

Preparation for a big race in a new place: Advice for new triathletes

Shem Leong – ironguides coach – Singapore Preparing to Fly When doing a regional race, aim to get to the destination at least 3 days in advance. This will give you a chance to build your bike up, do all the pre- race admin and shake off the fatigue from the travelling. If you are...
Posted On Oct 06 2014

Training: Turning the page

Alun Woodward, coach, Ironman is a very demanding sport and challenge for all who take part, that in itself is the beauty and attraction of the sport. We all make a lot of sacrifices for training both in terms of time away from family and friends to the actual cost...
Posted On Oct 01 2014