Training : Race Day – When Things Go Wrong

We would all like to have everything go perfectly leading into a race but there are times when this simply does not happen and we need to have coping strategies in place. Not all problems that arise mean you have to give up your race. I saw a great example of this from former...
Posted On Oct 05 2018

How Ankle Bands can Improve your Swim

Pullbuoys feel great because they help you float nicely in the water. Paddles immediately let you know that you’re working harder and increase your distance per stroke. Everybody is happy to use these 2 tools because they enhance the feel for efficiency in the water. But...
Posted On Sep 21 2018

Training : Performance in Ironman – Small Changes to Success

Performance in Ironman – small changes to success. When we stop seeing the challenge of Ironman as finishing and start looking at how fast we can get to the line the dynamic of our thinking and training changes. The biggest challenge when we start thinking like this is accepting...
Posted On Sep 14 2018

Training : Triathlon Swimming VS Pool Swimming – Understanding the Differences

I was approached by one of our athletes after our swim training one night and he asked why we don’t technique work and kicking sets. While I welcome pure swimmers to my squad as an opportunity for them to get fit, these swimmers can be very experienced, and this day, this athlete...
Posted On Sep 07 2018

Triathlon Swimming: Becoming More Efficient

  Type Like a Human If you’re like most Age Group athletes, one of the most challenging (and frustrating) aspects of your training is how to improve your swim time. For many athletes the question that arises once they’ve acquired basic swim skills is: Why am I not getting...
Posted On Aug 31 2018

Training : The Importance of Pre-Training Rituals

When does your training session actually start? Do you only mentally switch on as soon as you take that first stride/pedal stroke/swim pull of your main set? To improve the quality of your training, I challenge you to tune in at least 10, or even 20, minutes before you get...
Posted On Aug 24 2018

Rest Days: Learn How to Read Your Body Before Taking One

Time for the next session—but you’re tired and unmotivated to head out of the door. You’re not sure if the fatigue comes from having had a stressful week at work, or if you went a bit too hard at those weekend sessions. You are a dedicated athlete who feels very guilty whenever...
Posted On Aug 17 2018

Training : Ironman Race Strategy

You train hard for your next Ironman and are doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing. But have you sorted out the details for your race day strategy? It’s a good idea to begin planning now so you know what you need to know and consider what you need to consider in your...
Posted On Aug 10 2018

Training : Open Water Swimming

With summer in full swing, lakes and oceans are warming up, making open water swimming a more inviting prospect than our regular pool sets. Open water swimming is race specific and a great way to add something new to refresh our minds at a time when training stress tends to be...
Posted On Aug 03 2018

Training : How and Why to Train Through Races, Instead of Tapering

As we head full on into race season, tapering is the topic on everyone’s mind. Should we taper for every race, how do we recover from the race, and how do we get back to productive training as soon as possible. The process of tapering I have talked about in previous articles....
Posted On Jul 20 2018

Training Zones: Effort or Numbers?

There is a hype around training tools that measure effort, be it in training or racing. But is this the best way to track and analyze your efforts? Age group athletes are bombarded from all angles with tools that measure data such as power meters, heart rate monitors and portable...
Posted On Jul 06 2018

Training: Sick? Don’t Panic – Here’s a Cure

Training hard, your chances of getting sick are relatively high. ironguides Coach Alun “Woody” Woodward has the cure that will help get you back on your feet as fit and fast as possible. Sickness seems to be hitting plenty of athletes right now with the very changeable weather...
Posted On Jun 22 2018