Age Group All-Stars to Headline TriFactor Philippines Triathlon in Subic Bay

Subic Bay, Philippines – The picturesque Subic Bay is set to host the 2024 TriFactor Philippines Triathlon, an event that is eagerly anticipated by athletes and multisport enthusiasts alike. This year, the competition is generating exceptional buzz as it features a stellar lineup of age group all-stars, promising a display of unparalleled athleticism and competitive spirit.

Scheduled for the upcoming weekend, the TriFactor Philippines Triathlon together with Pho3nix Kids Philippines will welcome more than 800 participants converging on the waterfront shore of Subic Bay.  TriFactor Triathlon Philippines also attracted international athletes from 16 countries namely USA, Italy, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, The United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, France, India and Morocco.

The spotlight this year, however, shines brightly on the age group all-stars, a diverse group of athletes who have consistently demonstrated remarkable prowess in previous triathlon races. These individuals, hailing from various parts of the country, embody the spirit of perseverance, dedication, and excellence that the sport of triathlon celebrates. Their participation not only elevates the level of competition but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring triathletes attending the event.

“I think the age group all stars is a good concept that presents a new challenge to competitive athletes, consistent podium finishers, and aspiring multisport individuals. I expect to be pushed further to the limits of my capability, especially during training and the actual execution on race day. Perhaps the parameters can be refined as we learn from this first of its kind event, but we definitely have so much to gain in the betterment of our sport by introducing innovations,” said Elmer Santiago, who is competing the Masters Division of the All-Stars category.

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“The creation of the all-stars category underscores the TriFactor Philippines Triathlon’s commitment to promoting excellence in the sport,” said the Athlete Services director Abe Tayag.  “Their presence is a testament to the growing popularity and competitiveness of triathlon in the Philippines and across the globe.  The age groupers are the lifeblood of every race, so with this innovation, we hope to inspire more people to take up the sport.”

Rhia Stawicki, a dentist mom of two, is ecstatic about highlighting competition between age groupers.  “I agree with the direction GoClark is doing with this All-Stars concept.  Competition will not be limited to your own age group, but across different age groups, so it pushes up the limit a bit further than what I am used to.  Going out of your comfort zone is always good.”

Participants and spectators can also look forward to an expo featuring the latest in sports technology, nutrition, and gear.  “Our sponsors are here to support the event and the athletes, and of course, to showcase the trending gears and equipment in triathlon.   We have Huub as our swim course sponsor, Cervelo and Unison will take care of the Bike Course and On is our run course partner.  Whey King is also our Hydration and Nutrition.  Then after the race, recover fast with Hyperice and of course, craft beer by 3006 Brewery.  As a Race Director, you could not ask for more, in terms of support by our partners,” added Jumbo Tayag, GoClarkPH Race Director.

As Subic Bay gears up for this extraordinary event, the 2024 TriFactor Philippines Triathlon is poised to be a landmark occasion, showcasing the best of what the sport and Subic Bay has to offer.  ”You can expect that here in Subic Bay, only fun-filled adventures, good food, entertainment and unforgettable experiences will await you.  We want you to show up in high spirits and show the world the best of what you’ve got while sweating it out here,” said Eduardo Aliño, SBMA Chairman and Administrator.

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TriFactor Philippines will be the the year’s first race for the TriFactor Asian Championship series.  The whole TriFactor calendar has races lined up in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and wrapping up in China at the end of the season.  “I am excited to welcome so many age groupers and our TriFactor Triathlon Age Group All-Stars to race in Subic Bay this year, your dedication and excellence inspire those new to the TriFactor to participate and embark on their sports and wellness goals,” added Elvin Ting, CEO of TriFactor Asia.

TriFactor Philippines is supported by SBMA, Subic Grand Harbour Hotel, Cycles and Brew, Whye King, On Philippines, Huub Philippines, Cervelo Philippines, Unison Bike Shop, Hyperice, Garmin Philippines, Stretch Lab, 3006 Brewery, Buena Casa Hotel, SYLBS, and VelogicFit.

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