Stawicki, Yee Conquer Tough Hilly Course, Grab Overall Honors at 2023 New Clark City Duathlon

CAPAS, TARLAC – Over 300 athletes conquered the toughest duathlon to date at the New Clark City Duathlon 2023 on May 21. With a grueling 12-kilometer run, a challenging 50-kilometer hilly bike course, and a finishing 6-kilometer run, the athletes showcased incredible endurance, grit and determination amidst the backdrop of the hot and rolling terrain of the New Clark City-Clark Airport Access Road.

Elite duathletes Rhia Stawicki of TriClark Triathlon Team and Franklin Yee of Team Go for Less left spectators in awe as they claimed victory in the punishing NCC long distance race.

Stawicki’s is on a win streak, grabbing two top overall female honors after her exceptional performance in Ironman 70.3 Davao. Her impressive time of 2:54:46 solidified her status as a standout athlete, leaving her competitors trailing behind. Raven Joy Valdez secured the second spot with a time of 3:07:27. Meanwhile, Maureen Tabigla’s of Trinics claimed the last spot of the podium with a time of 3:31:10.

In the men’s category, Franklin Yee surprised everyone with a wire-to-wire dominance of the duathlon course and finished with a  time of 2:22:08.   Jerick Angeles of Team TriNics secured the second spot with a time of 2:40:34. Azor Isaiah Tangalin earned the third overall podium spot with a time of 2:45:26.

Yee, a first timer in New Clark City, embraced the unexpected trials of the race with open arms. He had not anticipated the grueling bike segment, with its steep, long and rolling terrain.

“In my experience as a duathlete, this  is by far the toughest route for me,” said Yee. Despite the immense difficulty, he emerged from the race feeling accomplished and satisfied, vowing to return to this challenging race in the future.

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“Tough and fun can be had together! Of course, if the race was tough and the support of the race crew and marshalls ain’t good, then it will be a lot tougher on the athletes.   But the race org team made sure everything’s covered, from the hydration to the liniment team at the hills, it’s all good from a support standpoint. When you finish a race like this, the finish high is much greater!  Kudos to those who braved it out there!”, added Stawicki.

The athletes who participated in the event showcased how their unwavering determination propels them forward as they triumph over grueling races.

64-year-old athlete Bienvenido Cariño from Guagua, Pampanga fearlessly tackled the challenging race, conquering daunting uphill sections with unwavering determination. Despite moments of doubt, Cariño persevered, relentlessly pedaling towards the finish line.

“I encountered a tough part of the course, and I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the challenging bike route. But despite the difficulty, I would do it again. My daughter, who is also an athlete, believes in me, and our shared experiences of biking together give me the motivation to keep pushing forward,” Cariño expressed in Filipino.

Catherine Pangan, competing in the 40-49 age category, faced a tough race and overcame it with determination. She acknowledged the difficulty of the competition and praised the resilience of all participants, especially the female athletes. “This is not one of the toughest—it is the toughest route I raced so far,” added Catherine.

Philip Aragones, 39, appreciated the scenic run course at New Clark City, which passed through the park and offered beautiful views. He recognized the challenge of the hilly terrain, but he drew inspiration from the surrounding mountains and greenery. Despite the difficulty, Aragones said the event was a great way to reintroduce himself to racing. He also mentioned that his family participated in the Pho3nix Kids event, highlighting its appeal as a fantastic family-oriented activity.

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To access the complete results of the race, visit www.goclarkph.com.

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