Challenge Family Welcomes First Race in Central Asia – Challenge Samarkand

Challenge Family enters Central Asia for the first time with the launch of Challenge Samarkand. The new middle distance race in Uzbekistan will take place on 16-17 September, working with the Uzbekistan Triathlon Federation to take the sport of triathlon in the region to the next level.

“We enormously look forward to working closely together with the enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring team of Challenge Samarkand and we are proud of this new race in our portfolio,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world dating back to the eighth century BC. The tradition in this region is huge and its history is very rich. Obviously, athletes competing in Challenge Samarkand can prepare for an experience they won’t soon forget. From Challenge Family perspective, we think it is exciting to explore areas together that are still unknown to many of us.”

Challenge Samarkand will take place in and around one of the world’s most iconic locations. “For more than two millennia, our city was a key point on the Great Silk Road between China and Europe, as well as one of the main centres of science in the medieval east,” said managing director, Yelena Kun. “Athletes will swim a unique course in one of the biggest purpose-built rowing canals in the world and make sure not to forget to enjoy the ancient sights of the UNESCO World Heritage Area included in the bike course. This is the first and only Challenge Family race in Central Asia and athletes from all over the world can enjoy the unique Uzbek culture, delicious food and national monuments. During the race athletes pass among others a monument to the King of the 14th century, Amir Temur, sitting on his throne, the Registan Ensemble (one of the most famous monuments in Central Asia), the architectural monument of Bibi Khanum (built from 1399-1404) and the ancient market Afrosjab. We are ready to welcome all triathletes. Triathlon is a sport for those people who know how to dream and how to believe in themselves.”

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Samarkand is the second largest city of Uzbekistan and is the same age as the cities of Babylon and Rome. Samarkand has a powerful beauty and poets and historians of the past called it ‘Rome of the East’, ‘the beauty of sublunary countries’ and ‘the pearl of the Eastern Muslim World’. Today Samarkand is a treasure-trove of unique antiquity and spirit. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the abundance of material and spiritual values. Unique monuments of ancient architecture, heritage of scientific and arts schools plus artisan workshops are attracting increasing numbers of visitors from around the world.

Challenge Samarkand will take place on 16-17 September 2023. More info on the race, the course, travel options and registration at www.challenge-samarkand.com.

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