The Best Triathlon Bikes of 2023

It’s the off-season and more often than not, you have been reviewing your past performance in the 2022 race season.  Most likely, you have been self-critiquing your bike splits.   While the realist will most likely think of a training plan to increase bike efficiency or FTP, smart money is on you thinking of upgrading your bike.  After all, Thanksgiving just passed, and the holidays and the new year 2023 is just around the corner.

Here are super tri bikes that you can have in 2023:


This is the most talked about tri bike in the triathlon community.  After all, Kristian Blummenfelt road it to glory in the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championships, both in St. George, Utah.  Cadex is the premium Brand segment of Giant Bicycles.  Think Lexus of Toyota.  It has no top tube, has an oversized downtube (to hold a bladder, bento box and tool kit) and a unique super-wide steering system with aerobars attached directly to the twin-blade fork.

Right now it will be initially available in Europe and Australia markets and will make it way in US in 2023.  No announcements yet for release in Asian market.   Initially available at $7340 USD which includes the frameset, seat post and aerobar.


Felt IA  2.0

Felt is claiming it to be their fastest bike they created.   With the 1.0 pedigree pretty hard to follow (thanks to Daniela Ryf and Miranda Carfrae), the obvious new shape with the  humpback design on the top tube is something you will love…or hate.

Felt also claims this 2.0 frame is faster than its predecessor: “The original IA race bike ushered in a whole new paradigm of aerodynamic efficiency and airfoil design—and the IA 2.0 has done so again. Its revolutionary design and striking silhouette represent the pinnacle of form following function. Bottom line: The IA 2.0 is our fastest bike ever—4% faster than its predecessor.”

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The humpback front top tube holds nutrition and has a quick-fill port so you can top it off instantly at an aid station, and its unique cover design prevents any spilling or sloshing.  The thick seat tube also has storage for tool kit, spare inner tube, tires levers, a CO2 cartridge, and anything else you need to handle quick repairs.


The IA 2.0 also put cockpit adjustability in mind.  It can also work with almost aftermarket cockpit brands, base bars and extensions.   Daniela Ryf rode with custom cockpits on her way to winning the Ironman World Championships in St. George.

Bulit Bikes available from 10999 to 17000 USD.  Framset also available.


Trek Speed Concept SLR

Trek should be in the conversation as one of the fastest bikes in triathlon.  After all, Sam Laidlow, the 23-year old Frenchman, rode a Trek Speed Concept 9 on his way to breaking Cameron Wurf’s 2018 bike course record of 4:09:06.  Laidlow rode so fast, that he had built a 6 minutes and 13 second lead at T2 over eventual winner Gustav Iden.   His ride last weekend blasted Wurf’s record by 4 and half minute.

It claims to save you six minutes in an Ironman bike leg distance and that is compared to their previous models.  And it start withs its frame shape.

The Speed Concept features what it calls Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) tube shaping.  KVF is a truncated tail aerodynamic shape that employs the advantages of airfoils in a cycling-specific platform that is light, stiff, and performs well in crosswinds. It also provides a more comfortable ride with additional vertical compliance.

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Cervelo once again topped the 2022 KONA bike count at the Ironman World Championships last October.   It is no surprise because it is a bike that most mid to high end performing triathletes would rather have in their disposal.  It is light and stiff, and also comes to you race-ready.  It means that the built-bike offerings comes with what you need most when you’re in a hurry to train or race–bento box, a downtube bottle and also a back saddle mount for hydration.

It is also a bike that can easily be upgraded with parts that makes you think can help as you make improvements with your own fitness and training.  One of the comment from a high-performing triathlete who has raced in Kona commented, “While many has branded Cervelo as too high-end, no, it doesn’t work that way.   Cervelo has made it simple and easy for me to ride it months after months and years.  Thats why it’s the most-trusted bike for most high-performing triathletes.   I may replace my own current Cervelo bike, but rest-assured, I would just upgrade to an updated Cervelo model.”

That says a lot.


Canyon Speedmax CFR

It’s not uber-fancy compared with other radically-designed super bikes, but it blends it well all together–aerodynamics, smart integration of all components, including multiple options for hydration and nutrition (which makes this suitable for long distance racing).  Not too mention.  Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders ride this bike.  That’s a top high-end performance mindset for you.

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