Challenge Family: 3 Pro Tips to Nail your Triathlon Swim Start

One of the hardest things in a triathlon is the swim start. It’s very hard to find the right position and even harder to remain this. If you’re not having a great swim start, it’s very likely to be caught up in the rough and tumble.

To avoid this, Kieran Lindars -one of the top swimmers in the world of triathlon- is giving you three amazing tips to improve your swim start. In this video, he’ll focus on:

  1. Revving the engine
  2. Sculling drills
  3. Arm turnover and restricted breathing

Next to these skills, tactics are also playing a big role in your swim. In an earlier video, Kieran told to you everything about the most important open water swim tactics.

Aren’t you able to train in the water at the moment? In this video, you’ll find yourself an indoor swimming plan.

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