Super League Triathlon: Injury Prevention for Swimming with PIERRE LE CORRE

Pierre Le Corre is ready to hit the swimming pool again – and has given his top tips to ensure all triathletes can do the same without getting injured.

With many people having had months out of the water due to lockdown, the temptation to dive straight back into the water as soon as possible will be a strong one.

However, that is a potential recipe for injury with swimming muscles having become detrained during the hiatus.

Le Corre has reached the top of the triathlon tree through a career of hard work and dedication and the 30-year-old Frenchman, who represented his country at the 2016 Olympics and pushed Vincent Luis all the way at RBC Super League Jersey 2019, is taking no chances.

He wants to ensure he is ready to hit the pool again without causing himself a setback that will keep him out in the future, and has given Super League the best advice for us all to do the same.

He said:

It’s really easy to do it. You just need a band and a bottle of water. When you get back to the swimming pool it will be better for your shoulders and the back of your body.

Don’t hesitate to do it two or three times a week and twice a day when you are doing it and you will find it so much better when you get in the swimming pool again.


  1. Shoulders. All you need is two bottles of water or a light weight. From a seated position open your arms up to shoulder height and back down. 2 or 3 sets of 10 reps
  2. Band work 1: Hold the band across your body and with your opposite elbow at side of your body rotate out 90 degrees and back in. 8-12 each arm
  3. Band work 2: Place the band underneath your foot and pull your arm upwards above your head. 8-12 each arm
  4. Band work 3: Hold the band in one hand with an anchor point at the small of your back. Take the opposite end of the bend in the other hand pull your arm up behind your head. 8-12 each arm
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