Lucy Charles-Barclay dominated the first Women’s race of the Super League Triathlon’s eSports Cycling Series with fellow British athletes Emma Pallant and Sophie Coldwell also making up the top 5.

The 26-year-old made the perfect start to eRacing in SLT colours winning all four intermediate sprints and topped it off with an exciting sprint to the line pipping Emma Pallant to secure a perfect 30 points.

With a significant lead and plenty of experience in virtual racing through lockdown, Lucy was happy to suffer on the Harrogate Circuit against some of Super League Triathlon’s short course athletes which included Luisa Baptista, Sophie Coldwell and Ilaria Zane.

She said:

I just had one of those nights where my legs felt really good. I don’t often get the chance to race against some of the girls who do the shorter course so it was great to get the chance, they can push out some big watts.

I’m used to spending a lot of time on my turbo and Zwifting as I use it to train for Kona… It’s never easy but my legs just felt really good tonight.

I tried to sit back in the pack and use the super tuck towards the middle of the race which makes it easier, but only a tiny bit.

I always love racing against Emma because she just loves to make herself suffer and go all out.

The next race will see the Men taking on 2 laps of the 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit this Thursday, 7pm BST.

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