Challenge Family: Indoor Swim Training Part 2 by Kieran Lindars

As athletes, we are always working on our physical and mental health and suddenly the world is in a different place. A lot of our fellow athletes are in quarantaine, family members are out of reach, work has to be done from a distance and worst of all, people are getting sick. Because it is important to stay healthy and fit and we all still love our sport, we want to share the favourite workouts and recipes of some pro athletes with you.

Kieran is only 23 years old, but is already one of the best swimmers in the triathlon world. In his first full distance race, the European Championships at CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM, he came first out of the water with a swim time of only 46:51 and finished 6th in a time of 8:17:14.

As a lot of swimming pools are closed, one of our CHALLENGEFAMILY&FRIENDS pro ambassadors, Kieran Lindars, has created a full Swim Indoor Training Plan for you, which is focussing on swim technique, -conditioning and -flexibility.

As an addition to the training plan, Kieran made a second video, which mainly focuses on some smaller, very important muscle groups, which are often overlooked.

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