What to watch: 8 triathlon films and documentaries

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It’s a strange time for everyone. Races are being postponed, training facilities are closed and many of us have no other choice than to stay home. Being forced to stay and train at home leads to high levels of boredom. To make the best of it and get through this, we have put together a list of triathlon films and documentaries for you. In no particular order:

We are triathletes

A feature-length documentary on the inspiring journey of six triathletes as they train for one of the largest and most challenging endurance races in the world – requiring a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike, and finishing with a 26.2-mile marathon at the legendary CHALLENGEROTH. The six triathletes are:

  • Miranda Carfrae, an Australian athlete and long distance triathlon champion, who now lives in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Luke McKenzie, an Australian professional athlete and long distance triathlon champion.
  • Qi Dang from Beijing, China, an long distance triathlete, who loves to inspire other aspiring athletes.
  • Bessy Leszczynski, who lives San Diego, and wanted to do something challenging and big.
  • Rudy Garcia-Tolson, who was born with a congenital birth defect and told he’d never run or ride a bike.
  • Felix Walchshoefer, the founder of CHALLENGEFAMILY and Race Director of CHALLENGEROTH.

Watch the trailer here

You can find We are triathletes on Amazon Prime Video

100 meters

100 meters is a Spanish film based on a true story. A man with multiple sclerosis hears from the doctors that within a year, he will not be able to walk further than 100 meters. Nevertheless, he still tries to complete a full triathlon. Will he succeed?

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Watch the trailer here

You can find 100 meters on Netflix

The Last Mile

The Last Mile is about four triathletes—two pro and two age groupers—and their unique struggles. They’re training for the 2017 Penticton Triathlon World Championships and it’s not easy. Jeff Symonds, a professional athlete, is trying to shake off several DNFs, learn from his mistakes, and progress in his performance. Jen Annett, another pro athlete, is adapting to training post brain injury, while balancing family life. George Zradicka, age 65, must train to pick up his pace and meet imposed time cut-offs. And Daisy Tse, age 44, must maintain a balance between training, work, and staving off boredom. Though these athletes have individual struggles, the qualities they possess are the same—strength, determination, and grit.

You can find The Last Mile on YouTube

The Man With The Halo

Two days before the World Championships in Kona, Tim Don was hit by a truck. During the accident, he breaks his neck. This documentary is about his road back to racing.

Watch the trailer here

You can find The Man With The Halo on YouTube

The journey

What does it take to swim, bike, run 140.6 miles? This is the story of an average Joe looking to do big things. In this short, inspiring film of 13 minutes he changes his lifestyle from couch potato to triathlete.

You can find The Journey on YouTube.

Chasing Ten

Triathlon is a sport that requires endurance and dedication in order to succeed. Adam is an amateur triathlete who is attempting to break the 10 hour mark in only his second ever full distance triathlon. This documentary follows his lofty challenge and covers what it takes to try and break 10 hours over 140.6 miles of swim, bike and run.

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You can find Chasing Ten on YouTube

Heart: Flatline to Finish Line

This documentary is the uplifting story of six people with heart conditions who are training to complete a full distance triathlon in Arizona. The director and producer David Watkins survived surgery to repair a faulty heart valve in which he flat-lined and was without a functional heartbeat for 5 minutes. He meets many people with similar stories and decides to form Ironheart, a group of heart disease survivors who are transforming their lives through triathlon.

Watch the trailer here

You can find Heart: Flatline to Finish Line on Amazon Prime Video

The Ultimate Triathlon

This film documents the highs and lows of Luke Tyburski’s epic challenge. Luke wants to complete The Ultimate Triathlon – a 2000km journey from Morocco to Monaco over 12 days. The journey lets him swim the Gibraltar Strait, cycle along the entire Southern Spanish coastline and run the full south coast of France.

You can find The Ultimate Triathlon on Dreamracer.tv

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