Take Part in the Extreme Canada Triathlon Man / Woman 2020! Win Registration and Transportation to Canada!

Three winners will be chosen on the basis of their social involvement in their community.

On July 5, 2020, the 4th edition of the Lac-Mégantic Canada Man / Woman Extreme Triathlon will be held: at the end of the next edition, athletes from 24 countries, 9 Canadian provinces and 17 US states will have taken the start of this extraordinary challenge.

TEASER CANADAMAN 2020 from Endurance Aventure on Vimeo.

The Canada Man / Woman of Lac-Mégantic is a unique event because of its wild, intense and authentic character. It is a life experience that athletes undertake when they enter the waters of the Mégantic Lake at dawn, more than a race against time. They will have to face the cold waters of the lake for 3.8 km, then cycle 180 km with an elevation gain of 2500 m, in breathtaking landscapes, to finally attack a 42 km run, most of which is done in the trails of the Canadian wilderness, with an elevation gain of 1600 m, to finally reach the summit of Mount Mégantic overlooking the region. The Canada Man / Woman has been named # 1 of 10 Canadian races in 2019 by Triathlon Canada Magazine.

The Canada Man / Woman is part of the XTRI World Tour, a series of extreme triathlons that counts with the Norseman, Celtman, Alaskaman, Swedeman, Janosik, Icon, Hispaman and Patagonman. In addition, the winners of the Canada Man / Woman 2020 will earn places for the Xtri 2021 World Championship to be held in Norway at the Norseman. Four (4) places for the Norseman 2021 will also be drawn among the participants.

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The Canada Man / Woman Organizing Team launches a contest: the winner of the first prize will earn the registration, the flight to Montreal and accommodation in Lac-Mégantic; the winner of the second prize will earn registration and lodging in Lac-Mégantic; the winner of the third prize will earn a free registration. The winners will be chosen on the basis of their social involvement in their community. In the meantime, please send your application by March 1st, 2020 to the following address: info@enduranceaventure.com

For more information: www.caxtri.com

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