History of Triathlon and Duathlon at the Southeast Asian Games

On December 1, 2019, the triathlon competition for the 30th Southeast Asian Games will be held in Subic Bay, and it will be the 5th time the sport is included in the biennial event.

The next day, December 2, the sport of duathlon comes back after a long period of non-inclusion in the SEA Games.  It was last held in 2007 at the Pattaya, Thailand games.

We take a look back at the short history of Triathlon and Duathlon in the Southeast Asian Games.

Triathlon and Duathlon History

2005 SEAG

The 2005 Southeast Asian Games was held in the Philippines at different venues.   The Triathlon competition was held at Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines.

Men’s Elite

Gold  Cheng Jing Hean (Singapore) 0:18:33   1:02:02   0:38:04   1:58:41.14

Silver  Loh Yeong Shang (Malaysia)  0:20:33  1:04:47   0:36:51  2:02:12.63

Bronze  Arland Macasieb (Philippines)  0:20:43  1:04:26  0:39:20  2:04:30.40


Women’s Elite

Gold  Kimberley Yap Fui Li  (Malaysia) 0:19:04    1:10:36  0:44:58.69   2:14:39

Silver  Alessandra Araullo (Philippines) 0:22:40   1:09:35  0:43:43.88   2:15:59

Bronze  Ng Xinyi Alisa (Singapore) 0:22:44.49   1:15:34   0:43:38.98    2:21:57


2007 SEAG

Triathlon and duathlon at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games was held at the Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand

Men’s Duathlon

Gold  Ryan Mendoza (Philippines)

Silver  Amnat Srichat (Thailand)

Bronze  August Benedicto (Philippines)


Women’s Duathlon

Gold  Saifon Piawong (Thailand)

Silver  Sontiya Saiwaeo (Thailand)

Bronze  Analiza Dysangco (Philippines)


Men’s Triathlon

Gold  Mok Ying Ren (Singapore)

Silver  George Vilog (Philippines)

Bronze  Arland Macasieb (Philippines


Women’s Triathlon

Gold  Kimberley Yap Fui Li (Malaysia)

Silver  Alessandra Araullo (Philippines)

Bronze  Maria Melizza Gayle Lucas (Philippines)

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2015 SEAG

Triathlon competition was held at Singapore.

Men’s Triathlon

Gold  Nikko Huelgas (Philippines)  02:04:32

Silver  Rikigoro Shinozuka (Malaysia)  02:05:35

Bronze  Chuan Rong Loo (Singapore)  02:07:01

Women’s Triathlon

Gold  Ma. Claire Adorna (Philippines)  02:13:08

Silver  Kim Mangrobang (Philippines) 02:14:26  

Bronze Sanruthai Arunsiri (Thailand) 02:22:08


2017 SEAG

Triathlon competition was held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Men’s Triathlon

Gold  Nikko Huelgas (Philippines)  01:59:30

Silver  John Chicano (Philipines)  02:01:27

Bronze  Clement Chow (Singapore)  02:03:24

Women’s Triathlon

Gold  Kim Mangrobang (Philippines)  02:11:14

Silver  Ma. Claire Adorna (Philippines) 02:18:58  

Bronze Irene Chong (Malaysia) 02:25:54



Gold Silver Bronze Total
Philippines 5 6 5 16
Malaysia 2 2 1 5
Singapore 2 3 5
Thailand 1 2 1 4


The Philippines is the powerhouse in multisport events (Triathlon and Duathlon) at the Southeast Asian Games, bagging 5 of the possible 10 Gold medals.  It has also won the most number of medals, winning 16 out of possible 30.   It is worth noting that only 4 countries has won medals in the Triathlon and Duathlon events.   As the sport of triathlon maintains its growth in the countries of Indonesia and Vietnam, expect these countries to come into play for podium spots in the next SEA games.

On individual performances, the only 2-time Gold Medalists in Triathlon are Nikko Huelgas (2015 and 2017) of the Philippines and Kimberley Yap Fui Li (2005 and 2007) of Malaysia.


In our next feature, we take a look at the preview of the 2019 SEA games.





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