TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series launches new Inter-Club Challenge for 2019

The TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series is re-launching a new version of the Inter-Club Challenge for the year 2019.

With Multi-sports as one of the fastest growing sports in Asia, and with the expansion of Tri-Factor series across the region, the inter-club challenge aims to provide budding athletes/club members with an exciting line up of racing in Asia.

The Club Challenge will consist of the following:
1. 2x Club Invitation Slot for all Long-Distance Categories in Singapore (Long AquaRun, Long RunSwim, Long Triathlon – First Wave)
2. 15% off Normal rates (Individual category only) for 10 members or more sign ups per race (Sprint and above distances only)
3. 20ft x 10ft Tentage with 2 tables and 10 chairs with 15 or more sign ups
4. 10% discount off all regional races available (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines)

How does the Club Challenge Work?
Club Invitation Race
Each Club will send 2 representatives to take part in the Long-Distance Category of each race. Regardless of male or female representatives, Total time for both members will be taken into
account of their standings. eg. T1A+T1B = 3hr 30mins , T2A + T2B = 3hrs 10mins (T2 is faster than T1)

Overall Club Team Challenge:
Using the TRI-Factor Points accumulated by each member within each category, club members will earn their points for their team for the AquaRun, RunSwim and Triathlon races (Sprint &
above only) The more members doing longer distances, the higher the chance of winning!

Each Event will award the highest Club Points will be awarded the Club Challenge Champion.
14th April- TRI-Factor AquaRun Club Challenge Champion
16th June – TRI-Factor RunSwim Club Challenge Champion
14th July – TRI-Factor Triathlon Club Challenge Champion

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