Tri-Factor Series Widens Regional Presence in 2019

Tri-Factor, Asia’s rapidly growing multisport circuit is out to widen its reach into the triathlon world in 2019. With various races currently mounted in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and China, Tri-Factor is setting the stage for 2 inaugural race venues — Vietnam and Indonesia.

The weekend of 15-16 December saw over 40 triathletes from 8 countries troop down to the island of Belitung in Indonesia to take part in pre-launch activities for the Tri-Factor Indonesia National Championship happening in July 2019. Participants were treated to a 100-kilometer bike ride, divided into “stages”, on superbly paved roads. Each segment culminated in stopovers that gave everyone a chance to marvel at the magnificent sights of Belitung as well as sample some of the island’s gastronomic treats. The next day, everyone had a chance to take in more of Belitung’s wonders through a uniquely formatted swim-run race. Tri-factor ambassadors and local elite triathletes had a blast and unanimously agreed that racing in Belitung will definitely be something that’s worth looking forward to.

Belitung Island is about an hour plane ride away from Jakarta. It is home to uncongested beaches that rival the best in the world and gives off that serene, laid back rural feel. One cannot miss seeing the traditional way of life and the warmth of its people who are pleased to welcome everyone into town. Indeed, these make up a recipe for a perfect triathlon destination!

Tri-Factor Indonesia National Championship happens on 7 July 2019 at Belitung Island, Indonesia. For registration details, visit trifactor.id.

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