AsiaTri’s 31 Best Photos of 2017

We handpicked the 31 Best Photos of 2017 as shot by our photographers who covered races all over the globe.

All images by Wagner Araujo, Vinnie Santana and Marvin Manalang.

1. An athlete dives in at the swim leg of Stage 2, Day 2 of Superleague on Hamilton Island.
(Vinnie Santana)


2. Lone triathlete in Triman triathlon. Clark is one of the go-to training and racing grounds in the Philippines. The former US Military base has plenty of roads suitable for multisport.  (Marvin Manalang)


3. Rural setting in Pencticton, Canada around the bike course of the ITU Long Distance World Championships. (Wagner Araujo)


4. Muslim women in the multisport world. Respect for culture and religion while pursuing sports achievements. Taken in Powerman Indonesia. (Marvin Manalang)


5. The stunning view of the new run course in Ironman 70.3 Bintan. (Vinnie Santana)


6. Thick, lush forest awaits runners on their way up to the finish atop Mount Megantic in CanadaMan Xtreme Triathlon. (Wagner Araujo)


7. An age group triathlete jumps in the ocean for the second swim loop of ironman Malaysia. (Vinnie Santana)


8. An age grouper braving the torrential rain the bike leg of 5150 Subic Bay. (Marvin Manalang)


9. Age group triathlete tackling the hilly bike course of Pattana Triathlon, in Thailand (Vinnie Santana)


10. The little shade from the trees in the run leg of Ironman 70.3 Philippines provided some relief from the hot conditions. (Marvin Manalang)


11. The fast ITU triathlete among the cheering crowd at ITU Grand Final in Rotterdam. (Wagner Araujo)


12. Pro athlete Guy Crowford exits the swim at Ironman 70.3 Bintan. (Vinnie Santana)


13. A solitary rider in the hot bike course of Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway was closed for the bike course, a delight for the half-ironman athletes. (Marvin Manalang)


14. Alessandro Fabian finishes the Time Trial leg of the Hamilton Island Superleague. (Vinnie Santana)


15. The iconic mass swim start of the age group athletes at Kona Ironman World Championships. (Wagner Araujo)


16. Aussie Josh Amberger on the way to his first ironman win in Cairns. (Vinnie Santana)


17. Heavy rains provided relief in the normally hot Philippine weather as Dimity Lee Duke scores a breakthrough and wins Subic Bay 5150 for the first time. (Marvin Manalang)


18. Spectators cheers on athletes at Challenge Roth. (Vinnie Santana)


19. New Zealand’s Amelia Watkinson dominated the triathlon scene in Asia last year, and came back for more when she won Ironman 70.3 Philippines in Cebu. (Marvin Manalang)


20. Switzerland’s Daniela Ryf claims her third Ironman 70.3 world crown with a dominant performance over a stacked pro women’s field in Chattanooga, Tennesee. (Wagner Araujo)


21. Panning shot from one of the most popular duathlon race brand in the Philippines, Pilipinas Duathlon Series. (Marvin Manalang)


22. The holder of the all-time fastest bike split of Kona Ironman belongs to Aussie Cameron Wurf, a former road pro cyclist turned triathlete. He broke Norman Staedler’s 2006 record of 4:18:23 by registering a 4:12:54 split in this year’s event. (Wagner Araujo)


23. Passing the Solarberg Hill in Challenge Roth is one of the highlights of every partcipant in the race. (Vinnie Santana)


24. The list would not be complete without a sundown image of the athletes at the Energy Lab in the Kona Ironman World Championships. (Wagner Araujo)


25. AsiaTRI photo Marvin Manalang focused the panning shot on athlete 140 when suddenly a lady athlete in pink helmet overtook him, creating a fast blur in Rockstar Triathlon 113 in La Union, Philippines.. She was the overall winner.


26. A win in the ITU Grand Final in Rotterdam, Netherlands sealed Flora Duffy her 2nd consecutive ITU World Triathlon Series Crown. (Wagner Araujo)


27. Spain’s Javier Gomez on his way to the finish line, coming from behind to take his 2nd Ironman 70.3 Worlds win. (Wagner Araujo)


28. Sebastian Kienle makes a surge on Lionel Sanders at Challange’s The Championship in Slovakia. (Vinnie Santana)


29. Tim Reed said it best when he reposted this IM 70.3 Subic Bay photo in his instagram account: “The point when I realised the tank was empty with 7km to go and an Olympic bronze medalist, the bronze medalist from 70.3 Word Champs and the ageless 5 x world champ are all breathing down my neck.” (Marvin Manalang)


30. A triumphant Tim Don after setting a new Ironman World Record with 7:40:23 at Ironman South American Championship in Florianopolis, Brazil. (Wagner Araujo)


31. The holder of the all-time fastest run split in Kona(2016), Germany’s Patrick Lange, not only took the best run split of the race, but also took home his first Ironman World Championship and the all-time fastest finish of 8:01:40. (Wagner Araujo)



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