Thanyapura Triathlon Team Excels at 2017 Laguna Phuket

PHUKET, THAILAND – Thanyapura Pro Triathlon team members led by France’s Le Tigre Antony Costes gave good performances in one of Asia’s longest-running triathlon event in Laguna Phuket Triathlon.   Costes finished 2nd behind defending champion and 2-time world champion Michael Raelert of Germany.   Antony finished in 2:20:29, 57 seconds behind the champion Raelert.

Former team member Amelia Watkinson, now with the BMC Pro triathlon team, defended her title finishing in 2:35:01.   Both Champions, Raelert and Watkinson are training in Thanyapura as part of their Asian racing tour.

In the competition, Thanyapura Triathlon Head Coach, Ekkarat “Ricky” Phantip, crossed the finish line as the 2nd Thai triathlete, finishing in 2:51, good for 5th in his 30-34 age group.

Fast-rising age grouper Elle Brookes grabbed a podium spot in her first Laguna Phuket Triathlon race.   Elle finished 3rd in the 25-29 age group, finishing 3rd with a time of 3:12:35.

“It feels amazing! I really really enjoyed my first experience at LPT. Such a well-organised race and it’s a bonus to grab a podium spot! Training in Thanyapura really helped a lot, learning the fundamentals of triathlon and getting a really good start has helped my journey progress so fast. To think I have only started triathlon 10 months ago is so far off to where I am today.”  Said Brookes, who will have a quick turn-around and start her 1st 70.3 race this weekend in Ironman 70.3 Thailand.


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