The Challenge Roth Experience

DATEV Challenge Roth is one of the most infamous and coveted triathlons in the world and it’s not hard to see why.

The energy in this Bavarian town around DATEV Challenge Roth is palpable; you can almost feel it in the air. The locals live and breathe triathlon and the tourists that flock here every July add to the pressure at event time.

Imagine bobbing in the water amidst hundreds of other swimmers, every one of them holding their breath, waiting for that start cannon to fire. And then…it does. And the roar from the spectators has to be heard to be believed. The energy of the crowd propels the swimmers through the canal for the start of the event; in some places, spectators are twenty deep – all screaming, waving flags and cheering you on. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

The bike section of the event always heralds some of the most iconic photos of the triathlon year – that of the ‘Solar Berg’ climb. Athletes power up a formidable hill, riding through a funnel just over one man wide caused by 15,000 screaming spectators.

The rest of the course is pretty spectacular in and of itself with a host of ever changing scenery. One minute you’re riding through a gorgeous forest and the next, historic villages and castles. In total, about 150,000 spectators line the bike course along its entirety.

The final leg of the Roth journey, the run, is nothing to be sneered at. The trails by the canal once again bring the runners into close proximity with their adoring fans until an athlete make that final loop into the stadium at the end. A packed stadium, lighting, special effects, fireworks – it’s one of the most epic finishes to a triathlon in the world.

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Taking into account all of the above, you can see why entry slots for this event go fast. Athletes come from all over the world for the honour of participating in Roth, and available entry slots for 2018 are thin on the ground!

For those that do manage to score an entry slot to Roth, therein lay another problem: how to organise complex travel arrangements whilst also prepping for one of the biggest races of their career.

That’s where Tri Travel come into play. For the past 20 years Tri Travel has been creating tour experiences for athletes across the world. The 2018 tour experience will be Tri Travels ten-year anniversary taking athletes to Roth. Their packages include everything: race entry slots, accommodation, transfers, gear logistics, inside knowledge of the course, guided practice runs on course sections and social functions. They even cater for family members that want to come along with their Spectators Tours.

For such an in-demand event, don’t stress the details. You worry about the race. Tri Travel will worry about the rest.

Tri Travel still have DATEV Challenge Roth packages available. Book yours at https://www.tritravel.com.au/challenge-roth-tours or give them a call on 1800 225 022.

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