2017 SEA Games: A Talk with (MAS) Zoe Bowden’s Coach Sergio Borges

Sergio Borges was an elite level Ironman distance triathlete. He has dedicated the last 25 years to studying the ART and science of triathlon training. During this time, he has competed in hundreds of races of all distances including 23 Ironman races around the world (9:38 PR), over 60 half ironmans (4:12 PR), qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships seven times. After a decade of investment banking, he decided to apply his expertise to triathlon coaching.


AsiaTRI: How long have you been coaching Malaysia’s Zoe Boden?

Coach Borges: I have been coaching Zoe for about a year now.

AsiaTRI: How have been the training and preparation?

Coach Borges: The preparation has been going well, we are in a 3 year Foundation process , a Junior still , Zoe has one more year racing shorter distance so we did not rush into standard triathlon training.

AsiaTRI: What were the biggest hurdles?

Coach Borges: Biggest always have been managing school and training . Zoe is finishing her IB program at the prestige British Intl School. Zoe has achieved highest grades !

AsiaTRI: The Philippines’ 2015 gold and silver winning pair Adorna and Mangrobang are back… What can you say about Zoe’s chances of landing podium?

Coach Borges: We have been working in Zoe’s cycling and running and it’s coming together nicely . Like I said, this distance was not our focus in training and she only raced this distance once before but if she can put together what we trading on race day podium is a possibility !

AsiaTRI: Zoe is about to toe the startline.. What will be your final pep talk?

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Coach Borges: To do what we train day in day out , nothing new here. Focus on executing it all perfectly.

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