Stunning Images from the Inaugural Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon

All images by Eric Wynn

Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon

2.67-mile swim, 113.5-mile bike, 27.5-mile run

Saturday’s results

For complete results and splits, go to akxtri.com.

1) Andrew Fast, Salt Lake City, 11 hours, 18 minutes, 29 seconds; 2) Danny Dvinov, Oakland, Calif., 11:37:41; 3) Daniel Folmar, Anchorage, 12:24:20; 4) Chris Knight, Dubai, 12:28:38; 5) Adam Feigh, Lexington, S.C., 12:40:39; 6) Morgan Chaffin, Elkhorn, Neb., 12:47:50 (women’s champion); 7) Leonardo Mello, San Paulo, Brazil, 12:56:18; 8, T.J. Thrasher, Steamboat Springs, Colo., 12:59:02; 9) Christopher Scott, Dubai, 13:01:22; 10) Linday Ludlow, Dallas, Texas, 13:08:44 (2nd-place woman)

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