SRAM Adds to Disc Brake revolution, Announces new S-900 Aero HRD Disc Brake

Triathletes and Time Trial riders have another upgrade option, especially to those who have bought their bikes equipped with disc brakes.   SRAM just announced the release of its  brand new S-900 Aero HRD disc brake lever.

Triathletes and time-trialist should enjoy benefits as stated in SRAM’s media release:

For aero disciplines, hydraulic disc brakes can reveal a whole new world of speed savings. Less time slowing down means more time going fast. Better brakes mean faster splits, thanks to confidence-inspiring brake performance. Disc brakes allow optimization of the most critical frontal area of the bike frame – the fork crown/head tube/down tube interface – for aerodynamics. Hydraulic road disc brakes (HRD) also require less hand effort to actuate and provide shorter braking distances and easier changes between wheelsets.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized power and modulation for triathlon and time trial
  • New aero-specific hydraulic brake platform, HydroT, offers superior control, feel, and heat management
  • Textured carbon brake lever for better finger grip
  • Reach Adjust allows for custom brake lever fit
  • Stealth-a-majig™ connector makes initial setup fast and convenient
  • Bleeding Edge™ technology for quick, hassle-free bleeds 

Shifting is still kept separate though, and is only available in flat mount.  Shifting should be taken care of via the bar end shifters or SRAM’s own  eTap BlipGrip’s.

Expect more technology to come when it comes to disc-brake equipped triathlon and time trial bikes.  The S-900 brakes will cost $249 and are due to be available on September.

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