Shimano Reveals new Ultegra R8000 groupset

Shimano features the new Ultegra R8000, which delivers high-performance braking power with hydraulic disc brakes, mechanical and Di2 ergonomic shifting levers, new electronic gear shift knobs for wider customization, Synchronized counter-clock exchangers Shifting and rear shado low profile for better aerodynamics.

The launch of the new Ultegra R8000 delivers much more than proven PRO products. The R8000 harnesses technologies used by professional teams and enhances them for real-world cyclists by offering customization, advanced disc brake control or tweeter brakes, and Di2 precision or mechanical shifting options. Also designed for competition, training, performance or for cycling with friends, Ultegra allows you to increase your passion for the pedal.

Ultegra R8000 Transmission System – The new model features a redesigned and asymmetrical crank arm with design influences from the Dura-Ace 9100, more robust appearance and Hollowtech II four-arm for more powerful transfer of energy, reducing its weight in some Grams (674g, 50-34T) compared to the previous model (676g).

The outer ring of the crank comes with Hollowglide technology to have a highly rigid but hollow structure, which lowers weight and maintains strength for more precise gear shifts. The crank options include standard 53-39D, compact 52-36D, compact 50-34D and specific for 46-36D cyclocross.

The 11-speed cassette (CS-R8000) comes in six standard sizes: 11-25D, 11-28D, 11-30D, 11-32D, 12-25D, 14-28D, plus a wider ratio cassette 11-34D (CS-HG800) with cube body designed to fit both on road bikes (with spacer) and on mountain bikes.

The new Ultegra carbon pedals with SPD-SL technology encourage professional-level performance, reducing the height of the stud by 0.7 mm and thereby extending the crank lever. It has 12 grams less than the previous model, the PD-6800, now with 248 grams. The pedal options are also available with 4mm long shafts.

Ultegra R8000 gearshift system – Ultegra offers cyclists unbelievably fast and precise gearshift with the Di2 or mechanical system, and hydraulic or clamp brake, with almost identical, perfectly ergonomic STI levers.

The new Di2 works with the newly launched Synchronized Shifting feature, either fully or semi-synchronously (with the BT-BN110 battery), giving cyclists the option to perform full or just the semi-automatic rear shift. This means that you can set, for example, both left exchangers to raise the gears and both right-hand gears to lower the gears. In addition, the switches have a more defined click sensitivity to provide quick and accurate changes with the use of gloves.

Following the design of the Di-Dura-Ace changer buttons, the brake levers, either the Ultegra ST-R8070 hydraulic disc or the ST-R8050 caliper brake (both Di2), also include the top-of-the-hood buttons for Make shifts remotely, which can even be programmed for shifting gears or to control additional devices such as compatible computers or lights.

All levers or shift knobs can operate multiple shifts, which as well as buttons at the top of the lever and Synchronized Shifting, are customizable through the E-TUBE application for mobile phones, tablets and computers. Not only does the application allow you to customize functions and operations as you wish, but it also allows you to keep all drives up-to-date with the latest firmware and perform error checks to identify and resolve abnormalities.

The hydraulic levers ST-R8070 compared to the previous model R785, come with adjustments for greater reach and free travel. The new hydraulic levers (ST-R8070 and ST-R8020) with weights of 360g and 550g, respectively, are only 65g and 112g heavier than the caliper brakes (ST-R8050, with 295g, and ST-R8000 with 438g ).

The front shifter is designed to handle fast and smooth changes under high pedal load. Combined with the redesigned crank, the front shifter has also been redesigned to accommodate wider tires as well as wider gear ratio without sacrificing gear shifts.

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The Di2 (RD-8050) or mechanical (RD-R8000) rear shifter adopts Dura-Ace’s Shimano Shadow RD low profile low profile design to perfectly fit under the cassette, protecting it from possible damage. The rear shifter comes with short rod (SS) designed to meet 11-25T options up to 11-30T and long rod (GS), for 11-28T options up to 11-34T. Both the front and rear switches communicate with each other to operate in full synchronous or semi-synchronized mode in Synchronized Shifting mode, allowing the rider to stay focused on the road or race ahead.

Mechanical shifting levers are available in hydraulic version (ST-R8020) or for tweezer brake (ST-R8000) with polymer-coated cables for incredibly light operation. In addition, the design eliminates the cable tension adjuster; Instead, it offers an allen wrench adjustment for simple, accurate and accurate cable tension adjustment.

Additional gear change components – For use in counter-clock and triathlon, a pair of dual-control Ultegra ST-8060 levers for handlebar clips provide braking and gear shifting. The design opens up a new dimension for counter and triathlon cyclists, simplifying gear shifts when the rider is at his or her maximum effort level. The shift knob and the ST-6871 switchbox were removed, reducing the design, making it shorter and streamlined.

Deleting a button on each exchanger causes counter cyclists and triathlon cyclists to use the full Synchronized Shifting mode at this position. This means that there is a button on an exchanger (for example, on the left side of the clip) to raise the gears and a button on the other exchanger (right side) to lower the gears. Compatible alternate options include SW-R671 non-series triathlon changers, plus the SW-R600 or SW-R610 sprint or climb buttons.

Brake System – Ultegra’s new hydraulic braking options include advanced braking power of the BR-R8070 direct-mount calipers, providing elegant integration for road bikes. The rotors feature distinct enclosed disk fins with a larger surface area for heat dissipation. The pair of BR-R8070 calipers weighs 280g plus 212g with the SM-R800 rotors, compared to the 360g of the Ultegra BR-R8000 dual-pivot rim brake pair.

In addition to the dual pivot design, Ultegra’s new brake calipers also come in direct mounting. Both designs are compatible with tires up to 28c and feature sleek designs with narrower space between the arms. The dual pivot design features a stabilizer between the arms to reduce deformation and improve braking efficiency. Meanwhile, the direct mount design connects directly to compatible frames to reduce weight and increase overall performance.

Ultegra level wheels – Complementing the Ultegra line-up, two new lightweight wheels – the WH-RS700 laminated carbon tubeless for caliper brakes (replacing the WH-6800) and the WH-RS770 tubeless wheels for disc brake with Road and e-trhu axes.

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New hubs (HB / FH-RS700 / 770) of the wheels encourage quick acceleration with a weight saving of almost 60 g compared to a pair of Ultegra 6800 cubes, while the rims use a new and even lighter carbon layer procedure To create a lighter 80g rim braking set than the predecessor.

Development of the Ultegra R8000 – Product Manager Shimano Europe, Tim Gerrits assesses: “The goal was to bring cutting-edge technology to a wider range of cyclists. We wanted to offer high performance for the many types of road cyclists, with a wide variety of products to meet that ever-growing bicycle market. ”

“The Ultegra is designed to fit everything between counter-clock / triathlon, for those who want to race with Di2 and brake, to have a performance of Gran Fondo, to digital intelligence and accuracy of electronic exchanges of the Di2 with braking of caliper caliper. In addition to disc brake performance, with the reliability of mechanical shifting, or the simplicity of rim braking and mechanical shifting. With five different “default” configurations, the choice options for the consumer are really wide, “he adds.

Tim Gerrits goes further: “Retaking the quality level of Ultegra in such a wide variety of products and for a wide range of uses has been tremendous development challenge, especially when it comes to integrating some of the new features of the Dura-Ace R9100 series, Of higher level. Hydraulic disc brakes and Synchronized Shifting, for example, were two completely new areas for the Ultegra line and we needed to find the right balance between high performance, high quality and high levels of durability and reliability, “says Tim.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have created. Ultegra has such a faithful and enthusiastic appeal that it is associated with the true spirit of the sport. We made a real push in this group and hope we can attract more people to the road cycling sport, “concludes Shimano Europe product manager.

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