Winner’s Interview: Anna Eberhardt Making Waves in Southeast Asia

Anna Eberhardt, 34, has been making strides in the Asian multisport scene since moving to Singapore about 6 months ago.  Making strides is a bit of an understatement.  Her recent showings in the international has been impressive:

Notable 2017 Wins/Placings:

  • Powerman Duathlon Thailand – 1. Place,
  • ITU Middle Distance Duathlon Asia Championship Malaysia – 1. Place,
  • Ironman 70.3 Taiwan – 4th Place,
  • Ironman 70.3 Vietnam – 1th Place

For Anna, being on top is a familiar place.  With a triathlon experience spanning 20 years now, she was also a top ranking Hungarian elite athlete, winning national and international races.  She decided to turn Pro in 2013.  Before relocating to Singapore to be with his husband, she worked the last 7 years full-time in an architectural office in Zurich, Switzerland.  Anna has a degree in Master of Science in Architecture.

The move in Singapore means she got to focus more on triathlon, and immediately joined the asian racing circuit.

AsiaTRI: Congratulations on your recent win 2017 Ironman 70.3 Vietnam, can you tell us, how was the race for you?

Anna: Since a couple of Months I worked together with Gil Levy, my swim coach and made some nice progress which helped me on Sunday to minimize the loss of time against the other girls. On the bike I just kept pushing and managed to have an average power output of 240 watts. With a 4 minute gap to Dimity-Lee Duke I went for the run. I knew that it will be a very hot day out there on the run but I was confident since I knew that small girls like me will have some advantage in the heat.  On the run everybody was suffering and I took my chance. Around 4 km to go I managed to close the gap and took over the lead from Dimity. With a solid run I crossed the finish line as a 70.3 Champion for the very first time and was incredible happy.

AsiaTRI: How is your 2017 season going along? You certainly have been successful racing the past few months, even picking two Powerman wins in the process.

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Anna: It is indeed successful season so far with a solid race at the Ironman 70.3 in Taiwan finishing in 4th position and the 2 victories at the inaugural Powerman Thailand and the ITU middle distance Duathlon Asia Championship in Malaysia. I love to do duathlons since it is full throttle from the very beginning.

AsiaTRI: Being based in Singapore, how have been training in Asia been doing for you? What are the challenges?

Anna: I`m just getting used to the humidity, the heat and the left hand traffic. I very much miss the Swiss mountains (I used to live 7 years in Switzerland). Basically I do train a lot indoor on the turbo trainer and on the treadmill, on the weekend I usually go for a long ride around the Island with my husband or take the first ferry to Batam or Bintan. I spent already 4 weeks in Phuket to train with the squad of z-coaching (Jürgen Zäck) . They are welcoming any athletes from all over the world and it is just so much fun to train with them.


AsiaTRI: Can you share with us a typical training week? What type of load do you do and which is your favorite training session on each discipline?

Anna: Typically I swim early in the morning and have a run or bike session at the afternoon. Every day has a new challenge itself.  I swim usually 4-5 times per week very early in the morning with the Kids training squad of Gil Levy. In the afternoon I usually do a Bike + run brick session, “hill reps on the bike followed by a short run with 4 times 6 minutes race pace or faster. On the Weekend I go for a swim in the morning and usually do a long run around 100-110 Minutes in the heat. Sunday is focused on a longer bike ride around 120 km. All my training are focused on quality and there is always a program in the training

AsiaTRI: Can you share a training tip to all average age-groupers out there?

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Anna: Recovery is key and drink enough – take it serious. Focus on quality and if you have a coach do what she/he tells you do to. And last but not least have fun!

AsiaTRI: Can you share with us your goals for 2017? 

Anna: Main goal remains the 70.3 Ironman World Championship in Chattanooga. 5150 Triathlon Regent, Subic Bay, Ironman 70.3 Cebu Philippine, Ironman 70.3 Bintan, 70.3 Ironman World championship Chattanooga USA. In October World Championship Hawaii, Kona as a supporter of my husband. Couple of challenge races and probably 70.3 Ironman Thailand Phuket.


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