The Aero Road Helmet from Bontrager: Ballista Helmet Review

Bontrager’s latest helmet is the Ballista, an aero road model with lots of ventilation and a completely new impact-absorbing system.

Today’s aerodynamic helmets run away from the old gout concept, so popular in triathlon a few years ago. Bontrager Ballista follows the same line of models as the Specialized Evade, the Louis Garneau Course and the Giro Air Attack.

If compared to these four competitors, Ballista is the most aerodynamic, according to data provided by Trek:

In addition to the aerodynamic design, it draws even more attention to the amount of ventilation openings and incredibly light weight. Our test specimen, size M is about 270g. At the front there are 3 large openings, which really make quite a difference in cooling, positive point for longer endurance rides. By analyzing the internal air channels and the upper openings, it is clear that the cooling and aerodynamic design have been developed in an integrated fashion.

“Aero finally got cool” this is the official slogan of the brand for the Ballista. Cool can be translated both as “cool” and “cool”. That is, at the same time it is aesthetically great looking helmet and the capacity for superb ventilation and cooling that really impressed in the trials in training that we did with it.

In terms of safety, the Ballista has the most modern technology of the brand, the MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System). This technology, developed by engineers and neuroscientists aims to reduce the damage of rotational forces in the brain from angular impacts on the head. The height and circumference adjustment system allows it to fit well on the head, maximizing its protection, either in the aero position or in the cycling position.

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And speaking of positions, the helmet showed no difference in comfort and wind resistance in our bike and counter-cycle tests. One very interesting balcony of these aero road helmets is that the head movements do not generate virtually any trailing, which was a big problem for the drop helmets.

Trek  provides an after-sales program called “Crash Replacement Guarantee” provides a free exchange if your helmet is involved in an accident during the first year of ownership by submitting specific documents.

The price of the Ballista  is $179.99, one of the cheapest in its category, which makes it an option for triathletes to use both in races and day to day training.

Check out some photos:

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