7 Tips to Improve your Bike without a Power Meter

by Rodrigo Tosta, Coach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1 – Have a good bike fit so that your position on the bike is comfortable and you can extract the best of your muscles without risk of injury.

2 – Follow the training program made by your coach, for example, if the program was made through the intensity of the effort, remain in the established intensity, even if it has to run at a slow pace. Always training with high intensity limits the evolution of your performance.

3 – Warm up is essential before starting your workout, because with it, it increases body temperature, lubricate the joints, raise heart rate and blood circulation. The warm-up can last from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the purpose of the workout, the more intense the workout the longer the warm-up time should be.

4 – Likewise, the 5 to 15 minute cooldown is important to start the recovery process.

5 – Start using heavier gears and lower cadences (70-80rpm), this will strengthen your legs and cause your heart rate not to rise as fast as if you were spinning faster. If you are training on a triathlon or time trial bike, try to stay in the clip most of the time because in this position you will be sparing the muscles you will use later in the race. With these two measures you can go out to run in better conditions!

6 – Whenever possible do your swimming training before cycling training. Certainly your body will respond to cycling training differently, as part of its energy reserves have already been used. Remember that in triathlon, the swim always go before biking!

7 – Log your training with the data obtained, such as time, distance, perception of effort, temperature, humidity, training schedule, stress factors, among others, the more information your training, the better for your coach to evaluate and prescribe more reliable program for  your training. Always keep a training diary!
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