10 Budget Holiday Gift Ideas for Triathletes

In a rush to find the perfect gift to your tri-buddy, your triathlete husband or wife?  You don’t need to spend  thousand dollars (or break the bank) to send a nice gesture to all the triathletes in your life.   There are still ways to get that gift if you are on a budget.  Let us count the ways:

1.  Running caps/visors:  On their run days, and it usually ranges from 3 to 4 times a week, a triathlete always put on one.   Give your buddy a fresh visor.  Most popular is the Headsweats brand, but you may find that running shoe brands have one in their product line-up.  Tell your triathlete to throw the smelly old visor in the bin.

2. Compression socks:  Triathletes are geeky when it comes to science in their sport, and it includes various theories when it comes to the art of recovery.  A triathlete will definitely dig this socks, perfect after those lengthy long runs or brick sessions.  The legs will thank you for it.

3. ROAD ID:  Triathletes are always on a hazard when they are on the road, either when riding or running.  Have that peace of mind if your triathlete do not have a band identification.  ROAD ID tags can be fitted in your wrist, ankle or tied in shoe. It can contain all the emergency contact information any respondents need.  ROAD ID ships internationally.

4. Transition mat:  Triathletes often use a towel to lay their transition gears under their bike or rack.  Problem with towels is they get kicked around easily.  Perfect to have a mat specially made for triathlon.  They come in bright colors too, easy for quick identification of your space.

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5. Running/race Belt:  Did you notice how many triathletes often lose their belts, or some of them asking for an extra belt the day of the race?  Buy them a couple, perfect if they are race belts, comes with bib holder and space for some gels too.

6. Insulated Water Bottles:  Perfect for your buddy who does not seem to replace his bike bottle for the longest time.  Insulated bottles will keep your drink cool longer than regular ones.  Just right when you are on your long rides on a hot day.

7. Reflective Vest:  Give that gift of maximum visibility to your triathlete/cyclist friend.

8. Lap counter:  Your friend still does not have that fancy garmin gps watch to count their laps in swimming?  Save your friend all the trouble by giving a lap counter, awesome for those long monotonous swim sets.

9. Running socks:  A couple pairs of these will keep your triathlete happy.  Specially if they have the anti-blister fabric quality.

10. Foam roller:  Most triathletes are a whiny bunch.  Make them whine some more when you let them roll their fatigued muscles with this effective recovery technique.

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